Kindergarten for my son

My son is 6 and he started kindergarten in August 2013. He really does love it and enjoys his teacher who is very sweet. He rides the bus to school every morning at 6:55am (too early if you ask me) and gets the bus from school to the daycare I work at after 2:30pm. On Fridays, his papa (my dad) goes to eat lunch with him at school and he LOVES that! I did until my hours at work changed and now I am unable to as my time starts at 11am. It's fun to see him interact with his friends at school though! He goes to the same elementary school that my mom went to as a kid, so that's pretty cool. 

I wasn't too sure on what he would be learning over the past year exactly, so I prepped him the best I knew how. He has learned a lot of sight words, some phonics, ST Math (game on the computer at school), counts to 100 by 1 - 100, 5s, 10s, and 20, learning to read short worded books as well as some at home that are Dr Suess, and more! He loves to learn more than he knows and is eager to help others if they need help with something. 

His class has snack time all week and if they want they can either take 50 cents for ice cream  a day or bring a snack for them to have. Of course 98% of the time he wants ice cream, so I send in money with him for the week to have. He enjoys getting the ice cream. 

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