Disclosure / Privacy Policy

You can now see my updated Privacy Policy to comply with the new GDPR guidelines. 

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising as well as product collaboration, and sponsorships. This blog does affiliate links in which the owner receives part of a sale if sales are made with the affiliate link.

The views and opinions in the posts on this blog are that of the owner. 

Sponsored Review and Giveaway Policies:
- All giveaways done on this blog are sponsored by the brand being promoted, and the prize is up to the sponsor to ship to the winner. The sponsor is always notified of the winner's information and it is up to the sponsor to fulfill the prize. 

- A product is required for a product review and will not be returned and must be full size.
- If a sample is sent, there will not be a post made for that product as full size is required.
- Aside from DVD or Blu-Ray, product must meet $50 minimum value unless otherwise approved for lesser value to feature.
- This blog isn't responsible for any shipping costs associated with reviews.
- Reimbursement for product reviews is against this blog's policy. If you need it purchased instead of shipped directly to me, you must send me the funds via Paypal to purchase. NO reviews will be done on Amazon.

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