How To Protect Your Business From Legal Action


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Running a profitable business is tough, involving many elements to ensure success. One aspect that can’t be overlooked is protecting your company from legal action. This is even more crucial as recent data reveals that around 36% to 53% of small businesses suffer a lawsuit each year. Aside from the stress, lawsuits can drain your wallet, take your time, and damage your brand reputation. Some businesses even get shut down completely. Although you cannot dodge every legal curveball, there are some savvy moves you can make to lower the chances. Below are four solid business practices that could shield you against legal action. 

Signs That You Need a Water Softener

 Many homeowners face the challenge of hard water without even realizing it. It can affect everything from the luster of your glassware to the efficiency of your appliances, not to mention your skin and hair. Recognizing the symptoms of hard water is crucial to preventing the long-term damage it can cause in your home. Below, we explore the key indicators that suggest a water softening system might be the next necessary home improvement. Keep reading to find out more.

Early Warning Signs Your Home May Benefit From a Water Softener


Baby Shark's Big Movie: Press Junket Interview with Kimiko Glenn & Luke Youngblood

*Disclaimer - I was invited to the virtual press junket, for doing an interview with Kimiko Glenn (voice of Baby Shark) and Luke Youngblood (voice of William). 

Below is the interview and they were both so fun to talk to!! 

The Perfect Health Guide: 6 Important Things Your Breasts Says About Your Health

The human body has an incredible way of communicating its well-being, often through subtle signs that may go unnoticed. Surprisingly, one area that holds valuable clues about your overall health is your breasts.