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The Patrick Star Show: Halloween-Themed Special

 Halloween-Themed Special: 

· In The Patrick Star Show, “Terror at 20,000 Leagues,” Patrick goes on a spooky adventure for Halloween, premiering Friday, Oct. 22, at 7:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon. The half-hour special features stop-motion, puppets and 2D animation. 

Splash Pad Maintenance Tips To Reopen This Season

With the things coming under control after Covid 19, many amusement and water parks are reopening following the complete care and guidelines laid by the government. While we would all love to think that splash pads are opening all over the world this summer, the splash pool owners must ensure the safety and protection of their visitors.

Why You Should Use Red Beans in Meals

 What is your favorite meal to make with red beans?

Things That Can Help You Keep Your Pup Comfortable This Holiday Season

With all the fun and merriment around, the holiday season has a charm of its own. Everyone gets really excited to meet and greet their family and friends.