Having Fun with Tik Tok

Our oldest daughter introduced me to Tik Tok a long time ago but isn't allowed to have an account so she helps me sometimes on mine for fun, but I never did much with it as I didn't understand how to use it. But, now we have fun with it and upload videos pretty often, and I meet other moms and such on there as well that I like to follow and comment back and forth with.

I'm no expert on trends or dancing, but I have learned some of the dances for Tik Toks through the app and have fun with it, and I have 351 followers so far! I try my best to post daily or multiple times a week if not daily, to keep interest of followers! Just download Tik Tok on your phone in the app store if interested in giving it a try.

I am gonna be buying a tripod type device to be able to set it up outside sometimes w kids to goof off with, to have better quality videos, and hope to get to 1500 followers and more! Once you get 1k following, you can make money on doing lives on there, sort of like on other channels but people can give coins to you during it, and those convert to cash in your account.

My goal is 10k so I can join the creator fund, but I'm not there yet by far so the 1k is my first goal. It'd be great to incorporate Tik Tok with my blog too and do collabs through there sometimes. I have done shares there with some occassional products to review, but not much yet. 

If you're not following me yet, my name on there is Chit Chat Mom! I follow back too :)

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  1. I keep getting lost in the ether when I get on Tiktok!