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Protecting Your Child’s Health Book, Available Now

 *Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post and I'm being compensated for this post.

Are you looking for a good book for your child's health that will answer your questions?

5 Easy Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Bar & Grill

 Cheers said it best when they sang “sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” Having a bar or grill where customers feel like family and everyone feels at home can be a truly rewarding and amazing experience. But you can’t start that family atmosphere without getting people in the doors. Growing your customer base is a must if you’re hoping to run a successful bar and grill.

Restaurants need customers, plain and simple. You opened a bar and grill to share food, experience, and friendship with your community. Sometimes you need to go out and show the community what you have to offer to bring them in. When you set up a fun, professional restaurant with great food and friendly people, you’ll be attracting customers in no time. Here are a few more easy tips to work on increasing your volume and bringing new people into your restaurant family.

Have a theme and a vibe for your bar and grill.

Enter the Globber Ultimum Scooter Red Giveaway - LOCAL Only

This giveaway is sponsored by the brand, but due to the product being shipped to me instead of the winner, this giveaway will only be for LOCAL people to me to enter. No other entries will be counted if not local. 

This scooter from Globber Scooters is made for kids age 5 and up. The really neat thing about this product is that it has an adjustable steering angle control system, which is great for younger kids. It also has an extra wide 3-wheel scooter deck. 

The best thing I think I like about this one aside from the color is that it has an adjustable T-bar with 6 heights available, which is perfect for growing children!

Globber Ultimum Scooter Giveaway - LOCAL ONLY

5 Tips for Launching Your Very Own Beverage Company

 Many entrepreneurs think their journey starts and ends with conceiving the idea, but there are a lot more things you need to know to launch a successful brand, especially in the beverage industry. Besides being cost-intensive, starting a beverage company can be daunting because of the many complexities involved. You have to think about your brand design, niche, and packaging, among other factors. Here's a list of five essential tips to get your beverage company started.

1. Get a co-packer.