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4 Tips for Owning a Pet While Working Full-Time

Do you lead a busy lifestyle but can’t resist owning a pet? If so, don’t worry – it is perfectly possible to do both without needing to compromise. 
With that said, a full-time career does make it tricky to look after your pet. After all, it’s necessary for home animals to receive constant attention, care, and love. If you are going to be out of the house for extended periods each weekday, and there’s nobody else in the house, providing for your animal’s needs is far from straightforward. 

Interview: Bill Engvall & Urologist Joseph V. DiTrolio, M.D. on Men's Health

*Disclaimer - I got the opportunity to do a phone interview with comedian Bill Engvall and Urologist Joseph V. DiTrolio, M.D this morning, so this post is the Q & A I did with them.

Do you have questions about men's health?

Life Insurance While Travelling

You (or your ex) is a U.S. citizen who plans to travel abroad, and you have a life insurance
policy protecting your family’s income stream. Here is what you need to know about life
insurance coverage while you are traveling to avoid denial of your beneficiaries’ death benefit claims should the worst happen while you are away.

5 Striking Facts About Coffee Enemas That Everyone Should Know

Coffee enemas have benefitted many people, especially if they’re suffering from constipation, digestive disorders, parasitic attacks, menstrual pain, loss of energy and many other issues. In fact, chronic constipation is one of the key reasons why people go for coffee enemas when nothing else seems to work.