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So You Want to Open a Comedy Club: What to Know in 2022

Starting a comedy club isn't as easy as setting up tables and putting up a post that you're hosting an open mic night! A lot goes into starting any business, and that's no different with this one just because the goal is to keep the customers laughing.

NFL Slimetime Wild Card Game: Interview with Gabrielle Nevaeh Green and Young Dylan

 *Disclaimer - I was invited to attend the virtual press junket for NFL Slimetime Wild Card Game, thanks to Nickelodeon. 

Are you excited about this week's NFL Slimetime Wild Card Game?

Watch the Official Trailer for Hotel Transylvania: Transformia

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Amazon Studios & Sony Pictures Animation. Are you excited about the new Hotel Transylvania: Tranformania movie?? 

How to Maximize Every Inch of a Small Storage Shed

 How to Maximize Every Inch of a Small Storage Shed

It's amazing how much storage sheds are neglected, yet they are crucial for organizing a homestead. Unfortunately, many people dump outdoor and other items into their sheds making it almost impossible to find an item at first glance whenever they need it. However, with a few practical organization skills, your shed can turn into a breathtaking storage space that you enjoy going to because it gives you peace of mind. But how does one achieve the perfect shed organization? Keep reading to learn more.