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Obscure Laws in the United States

Some laws, while obscure, make plenty of sense. For example, driving blindfolded should be illegal, right? Thankfully, it is in Alabama. What other laws do you not know about? Here are some that range from practical to practically unbelievable.

Tips for Making the Tooth Fairy Magical

If you have a child approaching their sixth year, then it’s probably time to start planning to don your wings and play Tooth Fairy.

Changes Faced at 65+

You reach a lot of milestones once you hit 65; you’re eligible for retirement and Medicare, you may have your first grandkids, and you can start taking advantage of senior citizen discounts at some of your favorite places.

Learning About BioGaia Products

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post for Upfluence, and I am being compensated for this campaign. 

Are you wondering what BioGaia products are all about?