Non-Candy Easter Treats for Kids

You maybe a parent who doesn't want your child to have sweets for Easter or other holidays, and that's why I'm making this blog post - so you know of some good Easter basket ideas.

Here are some non-candy related Easter treats you can put in Easter baskets.

What should you do about Easter baskets?

Sometimes parents don't want their children to get candy in general, not just for Easter.

Here are some ideas I came up with for Easter non-candy treats:

- Toys that are good for spring and summer time make for good
- Colored pencils and pens / erasers if your child is old enough to use any of these items
- Coloring books and crayons
- Colored Easter eggs - Do this with your kids if they
- Stuffed animal or rattle depending on child's age

You might be asking yourself where to get some or all of these items, and let me tell you - Dollar Tree is the place to go! Save a lot of time and money by searching the dollar stores before heading to Target or Walmart. 

Kids love toys, everyone as a parent knows that. Make the Easter egg hunt a fun time regardless of your child's age! We love doing a yard full of egg hunt and our kids love it.

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