3 Budget-Friendly Ways To Update Your Child’s Playroom


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A playroom is a great place for your kids to hang out, stay occupied, and learn. Putting together a fun and well-structured playroom takes some planning, depending on the theme you want to create. From mountain climbing to reading hideouts, there are endless playroom themes to suit your child’s preference. The question is whether to spend thousands on a playroom your child will grow out of or remain economical. If the latter is your preference, you can still transform this space into a kids’ haven without spending much. Here are some budget-friendly tips to help you get it right.

  1. Rearrange and declutter

Since this is an update of an existing playroom, the likelihood of a cluttered space is high. Your kids might have strewn toys all over the space, and old items they no longer play with are stacked in the corner of an already crowded room. It would help to reevaluate the playroom’s layout to help you determine the best way to use the space. Start by rearranging any furniture in the playroom to create a more open and inviting play area for your kids. You will be amazed by the number of small toys under moved furniture. Take the opportunity to declutter while moving items around. Encourage your kids to help sort through their toys and remove belongings they no longer need. That will be an opportunity to teach your kids to give away things they’ve outgrown or wish to share with others. That way, there will be fewer toys to keep, and more importantly, help keep the playroom decluttered and organized.

  1. Customize the playroom

Customizing shouldn’t cost a fortune if you stick with less costly tips and strategies. First, determine your kids’ interests and preferences to understand how to personalize the playroom. What’s their favorite cartoon character, color, meal, or pet? Knowing these can become useful guidelines in your quest to personalize the playroom. Consider using stickers to add a playful touch to the space without spending a fortune. You can use multiple designs using options like sticker sheet printing, which is often cost-effective and lets you put up your child’s favorite designs on any surface in the playroom. The tip is to have these sticker sheets tailored to your kids’ interests and make them feel connected to this special part of the house. Even better, you can remove these stickers when your child outgrows them. You don’t have to worry about them causing damage to the surfaces. Another way for you to customize your child's playroom is by incorporating Personalized Step Stools, these can be something they can customize themselves with stickers or you can add their name as a puzzle into the stool or a chalkboard for them to doodle on.

  1. DIY projects and thrift store finds

You can never go wrong with thrift store finds and DIY projects as a way to save on playroom decor money. Now is the time to embrace your creative side and enjoy the transformation you can bring to your child’s playroom. It helps to create or look for items that can be repurposed when your child outgrows the playroom. Those items can be used in other parts of the house when you convert the play area into an additional bedroom.

Try to engage your child in safe DIY activities involving the playroom. Making them feel part of the update makes them happy and proud. Like adults, children develop a sense of ownership after helping create something they will use. DIY projects and thrift store finds infuse character into the playroom while incorporating the space with one-of-a-kind treasures.

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