A Buying Guide for Foam Floor Tiles for Your Baby

The foam tiles are essentially made from EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate) material popularly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber. It is commonly used as padding material in sports equipment such as ski boots, hockey pads, helmets, martial-arts gloves, and saddles. It offers a soft and comfortable feeling when used in toys like foam floor tiles. That is the reason why many baby floor mats are made of foam-based material.

According to an article in Because Health, the foam tiles made from EVA are much safer than the mats made from PVC or polyurethane. EVA is a less toxic alternative than the other foam-based mats. But before buying a foam tile for your baby, ensure that the US regulatory body certifies it. 

Here’s what to consider before purchasing the foam tiles for your child.

The Bigger, the Better

Having a large size of play mat will also enable you to play with your child. If the playroom area or your child’s bedroom is covered with the foam floor tiles, it will protect your baby from accidental bumping.

Many parents prefer having multiple tiles with different patterns and designs for a better learning process. The purpose of having these play mats is to teach your child while playing with them or feeding them.

Thickness matters

Most of the foam tiles are thick enough to provide complete protection to your child. But when you search for the tiles online or visit the store in person, ask the dimensions of the play mats.

Some of the playmats are comparatively thinner than the others. The thin play mats are cheaper than the thick play mats. So, look for the quality and check for the appropriate standards. Once you are sure, purchase the foam floor tiles.

Portability also Counts

The foam floor tiles also come in different varieties. Some are meant only for indoor use, and some are for both indoors & outdoors. If you are a frequent traveler, consider buying the ones that can be carried outdoors.

If you like to take your baby to a park, you must have a handy or portable playmat. These foam tiles are usually in the puzzle forms, which can be easily dismantled and re-arranged as per your requirement.

Must be Easy to Wash

When it comes to your child, hygiene and protectiveness must go hand-in-hand. The quality of the foam floor tiles must be strong enough to protect your child while playing and jumping.

Also, it should be easy to wash to maintain it in a hygienic condition. Foam floor tiles also have moisture absorption power, but they should not let out a foul smell. The mats must be easy to clean so that it does not breed germs.

Anti-slippery is Also a Must

The foam kids’ tiles must have an anti-slip finishing. It will protect your child from skidding while walking or jumping. Ideally, all the tiles are designed with an anti-slip finish, but you must ensure that the quality is worthy enough to buy.

The anti-slip function has to be a part of all the foam tiles irrespective of its design, texture, color, or size.

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