5 Habits To Break When You Are Expecting

Habits, they say, are hard to break. This is more so the case when you are expecting. During your pregnancy, your body and mind are going through drastic changes. Unfortunately, your seemly harmless habits could do your more harm than good. For instance, this may cause complications during childbirth or even negatively affect your newborn child. Therefore, it is advisable to take a look at your lifestyle now to make the decision to break these habits to ensure you are healthy as you expect your little bundle of joy. On that note, here are five habits you should break while expecting. 

  1. Don’t neglect your mental health

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As mentioned earlier, your body and mind would be going through changes when you are expecting. This can make simple tasks such as moving around the home, cooking, or bathing tedious and challenging. Although you may want to hide and do it alone, this is quite unhealthy. Not only would it increase your risk of injury, but it also causes negative effects on your mental health. Therefore, building and maintaining a support system for your close friends and loved ones during this period is advisable. This would lift your spirits and improve your mental well-being. You can learn more from experienced moms to alleviate any fears. You should also consider thinking and brainstorming baby ideas to get you excited about what’s coming. Fortunately, you can use the help of a baby name generator to come up with more creative baby names. You can also join support groups and online forums to learn more about the journey to motherhood, what to expect after labour, and other tips to keep your mind at ease. 

  1. Caffeine intake 

There is no denying the joy that comes with a nice cup of coffee in the morning. However, you must limit your caffeine intake when you become pregnant. According to researchers, caffeine consumption during pregnancy can be quite dangerous for the mother and unborn child. This is because the chemicals found in caffeine can constrict the blood vessels in the uterus and placenta, reducing the blood supply to the unborn child. This, in turn, can cause issues of inhibiting growth, among other complications. Therefore, it goes without saying that you may want to hold on to your cup of Joe till you have delivered your child and received clearance from your doctor. 

  1. Little to no exercise

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Deciding to be fit and healthy is always easier said than done. If you do not exercise as often, you must change that when pregnant. It is a common misconception that pregnant women do not need exercise. However, this is far from the truth. Research shows that exercising during your pregnancy comes with several benefits. For instance, through exercise, you can better manage your weight, reduce your chances of complications during your pregnancy, increase energy, and reduce back and pelvic pains. Fortunately, several exercise routines are safe for pregnant women to indulge in.

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