How to Enjoy Pregnancy

 Pregnancy is something that many people long for, but often struggle to enjoy. A combination of worries about our health, the health of our baby, and the realities of becoming a parent, not to mention thoughts of the birth itself, side effects such as swollen feet, fatigue, morning sickness, mood swings, and aches and pains can make it incredibly difficult to relax and enjoy the experience. 

Many mothers look back in the years that follow and wish that they’d made more of their pregnancies. They wish that they’d relaxed and let themselves appreciate the miracle that was going on in their bodies, instead of filling their days with anxiety and stress. Many even wish they’d made the most of the opportunities to enjoy prenatal spa treatments and exercise classes. 

Pregnancy is something that we are lucky to experience, and if we can enjoy it, we’ll have beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Being able to relax and enjoy ourselves also means that we’re less likely to feel stressed, struggle with high blood pressure, and have trouble sleeping. Here are some of the ways that you can enjoy your pregnancy. 

Take the Right Vitamins

Most pregnant women do their best to stay fit and healthy. They take vitamins and attend regular doctors’ appointments to make sure that they are doing everything that they can to ensure a positive birth and a healthy baby. 

Knowing that you are doing everything that you can doesn’t just give you peace of mind; it can help you to feel better, more relaxed, and more positive, and reduces your risks of developing any health conditions while you are pregnant. 

Prenatal vitamins can go a long way to promoting positive health and increasing your energy levels. Needed offers a range of prenatal vitamins for pregnancy, offering women a chance to enjoy a healthy pregnancy while knowing that they are doing the best for themselves and their babies. Pregnancy is hard, and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. However, Needed offers women all of the information on nutrition and supplements that they need to help empower them on their journey to motherhood, without any of the confusion.

Get Some Exercise

As long as your doctor gives you the all-clear, exercise in pregnancy is a great idea. It will boost your energy levels, decrease swelling, strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, help you to sleep, and improve your mental health. 

You shouldn’t work too hard, and you certainly shouldn’t be hitting the gym hard if you didn’t work out before you were pregnant. But gentle exercise is important. Try going for walks, swimming, prenatal yoga, and light, pregnancy-friendly workouts. Listen to your body, hydrate well, rest when you need to, and check-in with your doctor if you have any concerns. 

Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself

There’s a lot of pressure to enjoy pregnancy. We’re told how lucky we are, we feel guilty when we talk to women who can’t carry a baby, and we feel terrible for complaining. But trying to force yourself to enjoy the process will only make things worse. Worrying is normal, and no one enjoys morning sickness. It’s okay to complain, and it’s okay to not enjoy all of it - just try to focus on the positives and enjoy the parts that you can. 

Do the Things You Love

There will be elements of your lifestyle that will have to change when you are pregnant. You won’t be able to go out and share cocktails and wine with friends. You might not be able to stand up for hours at a time to enjoy a hectic shopping trip. Your work life might have to change to protect your pregnancy, and you might have to start going to bed earlier. But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything that you love. You can go to movies with friends, enjoy dinners out with your partner, and even indulge in a spa day. Make plans to do things that you love that have nothing to do with pregnancy, even if you have to make a few changes. 

Find Ways to Relax

Relaxing during pregnancy is important, but if your growing belly is becoming uncomfortable, and even laying in bed is harder than it used to be, you might find it difficult. You might want to try relaxing in a warm bath, getting a massage, practicing self-massage, and enjoying small pleasures like painting your nails, getting a haircut, and going for a walk while listening to an audiobook.  

Connect with Family

Having a family of your own often brings you closer to your parents and extended family, and it’s great to start this during pregnancy. Start spending more time with people that you love, getting ready for the baby's arrival together. 

Being pregnant is hard work. You are unlikely to enjoy all of it, and that is okay. But try to enjoy what you can.

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