Great Reasons to Get Your Kids a Dog

If you’ve been considering adding to your family, have you thought about adding a pet and giving into the kids’ demands? I know: an extra mouth to feed, extra attention required and you’re already running off your feet? You’re not alone. Most parents are in that position and they still have kids begging for a pet. It’s hard to say no, especially as they get older and start throwing logic at you as to why they should be allowed to have a new dog. 

If you’re debating whether a new dog will be worth all the barking, this entire article is going to be on your kids’ side! We want to talk you through all of the reasons you should absolutely say yes to getting your children a brand new dog.

Image source: Pexels

  1. Dogs are a great way to give your children confidence. When your child is learning how to care for a pet, they are going to be able to build their confidence and get more excited about life. They can feel less lonely, learn how to share time and space and they learn how to be respectful to other living creatures out there. This is the case whether your child already has siblings or whether they are an only child.

  2. You can help your children to learn responsibility. It’s important for you as a pet owner to be responsible about your dog, and you do that when you make the effort to learn about the right food - such as - or whether you learn how to spot the right signs of health in your dog. You can get your children involved in their care and help them to learn to be more responsible, too, which is a great way to teach them things that they need to know. 

  3. Dogs can help your child’s health. Children who live with a dog are actually less susceptible to sickness in life. There are studies that back up the fact that babies that come home to a dog are less likely to develop colds and infections, too. Dogs bring in different germs and bacteria and they are little guardians when it comes to children, which is going to help.

  4. They’re living protectors. Dogs fall in love with their families in the same way you’ll fall in love with your dog. They will protect the house, protect your children and always be on guard for their little humans. They’re ready to treat your children like their own pups and they will do all they can to offer protection.

  5. Dogs elevate those happy moods. If you want your family to be happy one, you’ll find that a dog is able to do that. Children are often diagnosed with depression these days but with a dog around, it’s much harder to sink into that. Owning a dog can reduce tension as well as improve the mood overall. Dogs are always so happy to see us and your children will benefit from that.

  6. The whole family stays active. Having a dog gives your children the motivation to get out and keep moving. Dogs need to be walked and exercised regularly and children will really benefit from that. As a family, you can all go out together and walk, run and play and it’s going to be something that you all enjoy!

  7. Children learn to love unconditionally. Children need that from you, of course, but they learn to love without conditions when there is a dog in the house. They will learn lessons on love much faster than those who don't have pets. Dogs can be effective in applying the powerful concept of love every day, even later in life.  Having a dog in the house is going to give your child so much joy and that is going to extend to you, too.

  8. Children learn selflessness. With a dog at their heel, children learn it’s not all about them anymore. They learn to be selfless and they learn that there are others that need to be taken care of just like them. Children learn that they need to be active in the care of another creature and this alone is a great reason to say yes to getting a dog for your family.

Now that you know a range of reasons to give your children their deepest wish, it’s time to decide whether you buy a puppy or you rescue a dog that is in need of extra love.

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