A Guide for Choosing the Right Leash for Your Dog

Imagine yourself biking around the urban park on a bright, sunny morning. 

Your well-trained dog is on its leash attached to the bike. It jogs along as you continue cycling. You’ve never thought that something would go wrong that day, when suddenly, your dog starts running furiously, trying with all its might to chase something. You don’t have any idea though what’s going wrong. Be sure to check out Dog Product Picker for your dog's essentials!

Now, the situation seems beyond your control. You can’t control your bike either. The dog has maneuvered its wheels, and it seems as if you’re speeding up like a jet plane running for takeoff. Cars start honking, people run away, and the commotion goes on. 

Then you’ve reached that climax when the leash finally snaps and your dog is able to run away. The poor speedy bike was thrown about in the air, plunging straight to the pond. Later on, you’ve realized that your furry friend fell in love with the beautiful female dog he saw a while ago. 

Quite familiar? It was actually similar with the epic scene in the movie 101 Dalmatians. Find out more here

Though this is just a fictional story solely written for entertainment, it can no doubt happen in real life, the ultimate embarrassing moment in your entire years of existence. So, how can you avoid a real-life version of that scene from 101 Dalmatians? First, provide your dog with basic training on how to become a well-mannered and well-behaved pet, especially in public. Second, as much as possible, castrate your dog. Third, choose the right training equipment—particularly, collar and leash. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Right Leash for Your Dog
Before you start training your dog or go for strolls in public places together, you need to purchase the necessary dog training equipment which are the leash and the collar. In doing so, many dog owners just go to pet accessories shop and buy anything that seems right for them, or at least appealing to their eyes. However, with the many choices available, are you really sure that you’ve purchased the right one for your pooch?

Before rushing to the nearest shop to buy a dog leash, read below the top mistakes you should avoid.

1. Lack of knowledge about your dog—it’s breed, temperament, traits, and needs
Before deciding which types of leash to buy, it is important to get to know your dog better. Find useful information about the breed’s history, temperament, traits and needs. Here’s a useful guide in choosing a pure-bred puppy: https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/how-to-choose-a-healthy-pure-bred-puppy#1 .

Is your dog easy to train, energetic, or stubborn? These factors would influence your decision on which dog training equipment to buy. 

For example, you may opt for a chain leash if your dog is large and stubborn. For puppies and small breeds, a leash that is lightweight is the most ideal option. 

2. Failure to determine the types of leashes and their uses
First-time dog owners go shopping for a dog leash and think that it’s just an easy task. Just grab what you feel is durable, or fashionable, perhaps. But truth is, the choices can overwhelm you and if you aren’t knowledgeable of the many types of leashes and their uses, decision-making is really overwhelming. Each type of leash was designed for a particular reason. So, to make sure that you’ll be using the right one for the right purpose, familiarize yourself with the choices available. 

Here are some of them:
The Standard Type of Dog Leash
The leashes being sold in pet stores are usually the standard type. This type of leash is what pet owners attach to the dog’s collar when they go on their daily walks. Of all the kinds available, this should be the first leash you should buy for your dog. Its length varies from four to eight feet. 

However, the most ideal standard type leash you can buy is around six feet long. This length allows a room for mobility on the part of your dog while enabling you to take control. Usually, the standard leash is made of leather or nylon. 

Waist-Clip or Hands-Free Leash
As convenient and exciting as it sounds, waist-clip or hands-free leash gives you more mobility while walking with your dog. This is ideal when you’re pushing a cart or stroller, or if you’re carrying multiple groceries and bags. If you habitually take your dog when you go shopping, this type of leash is ideal for you. 

These are the questions you should ask though if you’re considering to buy a waist-clip leash:
- Is your dog not a tough puller?
- Is it well-mannered and well-trained to be out in the public spaces?
- Is it obedient or stubborn?

If your dog is easily distracted or if it’s a tough puller, a hands-free leash may get you into trouble. So, buy one only when you’re confident enough about your dog’s behavior and training. 

Retractable Dog Leash
A retractable dog leash looks like a measuring tape and works much that way. Thus, this type of leash can be extended from four feet to 30 feet long. It is suitable only for those well-behaved dogs that have been trained to walk on leash with discipline. For strong pullers and hard-headed dogs, this isn’t ideal because it only trains them to pull more as the leash extends and allows them to go wherever they want to. 

Another disadvantage of a retractable dog leash is that when you’re controlling and restraining an aggressive dog, you’re most likely to suffer from rope burns from this leash. Also, because the leash can extend for such a long line, it may cause accidents and strangulation when you go outdoors. 

Bike Leash
Are you an active and sporty person? Perhaps, you chose a dog with the similar traits as well. Strong, active, and sporty breeds are great companions when you go running or biking. A bike leash is ideal for this outdoor routine since you can attach it to the frame of your bike. It has also an adequate length that allows your dog to run along as you go cycling. 

But remember what happened to the story at the outset of this article?

If your dog is easily distracted and if it has not yet received enough training for running along your bike, don’t do this. Better be safe than sorry. Also, have your dog castrated, or else, he might happen to glance at a pretty female dog at the park, chase after her, and drag you around!

Harness-type Leash
Harnesses are said to be designed to spare a strong puller’s neck from injury. It also allows you to have more control of your dog while enabling it to feel more comfortable on its leash.

Glow Leash
A glow leash is designed for night strollers. In dim areas, it allows motorists to easily spot your dog. Thus, this type of leash secures your pooch and other people from accidents. 

Seat belt Safety Leash
Do you enjoy taking your dog to road trips? Secure your buddy on his seat by attaching this type of leash to the car’s seat belt. It will restrain your dog from distracting you or climbing around while you’re driving. 

3. Purchasing a leash made of poor-quality material
There are cheap leashes available but are made of poor-quality materials. You’ll never want one that snaps easily! So, steer clear from cotton or rubber dog leashes if you don’t wish for this situation.

Meanwhile, here are the top choices for an ideal dog leash:
Leather Dog Leashes. Leather is a very durable material. In fact, when treated with the right leather conditioner, the best leather dog leashes can last for a long, long time, even a lifetime. It allows for firm control over your dog, yet it is lightweight and convenient. What’s more, it has an easy-grip, soft handle, minus the rope burns. 

Nylon. Nylon dog leashes are ideal for dogs that are fond of swimming or getting soaked. This type of leash comes with a variety of colors and designs. 
Chain. For biters and chewers, this type of leash is a good option. Be careful, however, as some dogs are strong biters and chewers that even metals are not excluded for them, to the point that they suffer from broken teeth. 

Not Buying Alternative Leashes
It’s good to have several types of leashes made for different purposes. Also, leashes made of different materials come in handy for your various activities. For example, a leather dog leash is the most durable and the most stylish type available, but a nylon leash is ideal for taking your dog to swimming or bathing. When one leash becomes dirty or soaked, you’ll be able to wash and clean it thoroughly and hang it up to dry fully, while you still have another leash reserved. Check this out to learn more about using dog leashes the right way. 

Having leashes of various lengths is also useful for different types of training activities.
So, never make these mistakes again in buying the right leash for your beloved pal. Choose the right kinds and know their purposes. Both you and your dog will be happy when you do so. 

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