How Your Older Kids Can Help Keep Santa's Magic Alive

I thought I had done a post about this last year but it seems I did not, so I wanted to do one now right ahead of the holidays! 

How can your older kids help keep Santa's magic alive for younger siblings?

When you have kids in a variety of ages, of course the older they get they will find out/know that Santa 'isn't real', so how do you approach that when there are younger siblings in the home who DO believe that he is real and celebrate with him on Christmas morning? 

My older two kids are now almost 14 (son) and 13 (daughter), and last summer they told me and their dad that they know Santa isn't real anymore and that it was us. So, I asked my husband and mother in law on tips for advice on how to approach them where they can help with Santa's magic for younger siblings, for Christmas morning and it still be fun for them too.

We came up with the idea on the older kids can help wrap the presents for their siblings and then on Christmas Eve night before they and we go to bed but once the younger three were in bed, they can help us set up for Christmas morning and play the role of Santa now with us.

They actually loved that idea and have done that ever since, and it is a huge help to me as well, because especially my 13 year old, she loves to wrap presents so that's been her go to this year so far. She has done a great job with wrapping stuff as we get it, and she hides all wrapped stuff in boxes, behind a blanket on a shelf in her room so no one will see it.

When it comes to THEIR own gifts though, we do those wrapping and setting them out once they go to bed. They aren't going to see what they got; they ask for what they'd like and know we will do what we can to make it happen, but they don't know what they got until Christmas morning. Which, still makes it a lot of fun for all of the kids in the long run, and they enjoy it. 

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