Sports Fun with Custom Gatorade Bottles

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop, CreatingWithErica in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a fun way to keep track of your kids water bottles this school year or sports season?

When we get water bottles, my older two kids like to have their first name on it when that is possible. I was thrilled when I found the Etsy shop CreatingWithErica, and found out I'd be able to get both of them a custom Gatorade bottle with their name on it.

She's using her water bottle for sports practices for basketball and volleyball, and games to keep hydrated with water! As you can see below, the letters are put on very nicely and having washed them several times now, it stays in place with no issues! You can get these for just $11.99 on her Etsy shop. 

My son didn't get a picture with his, but I got a picture of it with his name on it. He likes his and is using it for practices and games too, as he'll be doing soccer and basketball this year. He tends to use his bottle at home as well as not at home.

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