Planning for a Romantic Vacation; 4 Places to Easily Select From

 A Romantic outing for most paints a very typical picture. They usually picture a cheesy setting with violins playing for a couple who are glaring into each other’s eyes with a setting sun in the background. This is the typical type of vacation people think couples attend whereas, on the other hand, it’s quite the opposite. Like you who’s reading this and finds this cheesy, millions of others look for something different but also romantic for their vacation. Let’s go through these shortlisted places for you to visit for a romantic vacation.

Cayman Islands

One of the classiest islands in the Caribbean, this place is a must-go for couples who would want some luxury infused in their romantic getaway. The island has a range of top-notch luxury restaurants to select from, with high-end chefs preparing live meals for just the two of you. Pina Coladas and the palm trees make for a perfect setting for you to indulge in a conversation with some upbeat Caribbean music running in the background. 


Known to be a hotspot for lovers, the canals of this city will make you forget the congested streets filled with cars. In the ‘Floating City,’ the streets are replaced by canals, and the cars are replaced by gondolas. Take a trip in one of these gondolas with a gondolier to steer you while you enjoy the ride with your loved one. Visit shops and restaurants while you’re afloat and get off at your preferred location. It is possibly one of the most exciting and unique places for a couple to visit.

Costa Rica

One of the most naturally diverse Central American countries, Costa Rica, is perfect for you and your better half to visit. It is a cheap place to visit by no means, but that is simply because of the fast-developing infrastructure and the amiable locals. The lavish beaches are maintained and kept clean, and on almost every beach, you can find some of the most lavish villas to rent out. You can enjoy privacy while at the same time also walk out onto the beach to hang out with the locals and other tourists.


A small city in India, Goa is one of the early settlements of the Portuguese, and the culture still has a lot of Portuguese influence in it. It is a place with beaches several kilometers long and a vibe that can set you and your spouse free. You can chill to some amazing goa-trance music while you enjoy some native alcohol being made right in front of your eyes. Finish the day with a massage and head back to some of the most breathtaking resorts the country has to offer.

Romantic vacations are not what they used to be, and with the passage of time and the increase in the number of activities, the places for such vacations are also many in number. You can get double-minded and confused at times while planning for such trips. Simply refer to this article to easily pick from the most famous and suggested places for a romantic getaway.

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