5 Unique Spring Break Destinations to Consider

Traveling during the spring season seems to be an underrated opportunity. The weather is mild
enough to enjoy traveling to areas with a varying temperament of weather. Feel like skiing this spring?
You can do that. Feel like getting a tan and laying out on a lazy beach all day? There are plenty of
places to do that, too. And basically, everything in between is available during the perfect weather
available during spring.
Spring skiing
If you’re into skiing and are mourning the end of skiing season, then you’ll be happy to know that
there are plenty of areas within the US where you can enjoy spring skiing. Areas of Colorado, such as
Vail, still have soft, powdered snow for you to enjoy on the slopes. You’ll have to hurry and schedule a
trip before the weather warms up, but there’s still time!

Take a road trip
Sometimes just a small change of scenery can be all you need to have a good vacation. A road trip
can be the perfect way to spend your spring vacation. One of the best things about road trips, is all of
the things you get to see along the way to your final destination. The opportunity to stop and explore
new areas and places is practically endless. If you’re having a hard time
deciding where to go on your road trip, a good place to start is to decide how many hours you want to
be driving.

Then, look for vacation locations within that time limit from you. Locations like the Grand Canyon,
Yellowstone, Washington DC, are all great road trip destinations! There are so many great places
within just a few hours of where you live, so your possibilities are endless.

Consider a staycation
If you’re short on time for your spring vacation, consider a staycation! Find a fun hotel or bed &
breakfast nearby where you already live, and try to experience the city you already live in and love, as
a tourist. Try new restaurants and museums, spend your time taking pictures and enjoying your city
through the eyes of someone who’s never been there. Or, spend your entire day in your hotel room,
sitting at the edge of the pool with that book you’ve been trying to finish for months. Sometimes what
you need to recharge, is a vacation filled with doing absolutely nothing.

Lakeside sports
If water is what is pulling you onto a vacation, consider spending your spring vacation on a lake. There
are probably a handful of amazing lakes within a few hours of where you live, that you didn’t even
know about.  Do a little bit of research, and hit the road! There are countless things and activities that
you can do to spend your days at the lake. Rent a boat or some jet skis, and spend the days out on
the water. You can water ski, go tubing, or even just enjoy the scenery as you explore. You can enjoy
a spring vacation at the lake even without a boat, though. You can lay on the beach, snacking all day
and just enjoying the sun. Bring friends or family along to enjoy the vacation with you!

Craving tropical weather?
If a tropical, beachside local is what you’re craving for your spring vacation, a short flight will have you
finding yourself in a number of different beachy locals, such as Orlando, San Diego, or even Cancun.
Get an early start on your summer tan, spend your days swimming with dolphins and exploring
underwater caves, and enjoying the salty air.

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