Ignoring Comments Regarding a Large Family

I had previously made two posts that are called 5 Things to Never Say to a Large Family and Never Ending Questions Larger Families Get

As you know, we found out I am due at the end of September, so we're growing our family.

Well, I also planned to NOT have any more kids, and only having the four we have (11, 10, almost 4, and 2) but found out in late January that we're expecting our 5th. So, of course, more and more people try giving their comments, some annoying some not.

This includes family, and I was told: "why didn't you tie your tubes after your youngest?", "thought you didn't want anymore?", the list goes on. "do you want your own baseball team?". 

Now, I am in Month 5 being week 19. We will find out Friday if it's a boy or girl, so of course, I will post to let you guys know.

At some point, family/in-laws or not, you have to just start ignoring the comments that are negative and move along. I decided that if they don't like it, that is their problem not mine. I am now 19 weeks pregnant, so it's past time to get over that. I will get tubes removed right when I wean this baby. When tubes are removed vs tied/cut/burnt, there is no chance to get pregnant or have a tubal pregnancy. 

Our kids are very excited about this baby too, so it's great. I figured out that since I am due in September, I will just use my Ergo Adapt carrier and have my younger two in the double stroller. Then, in the spring baby will be big enough to go in the stroller by then.

What are some annoying comments you get with a big family?

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