Santa Claus is Coming Tonight

Are your kids excited for Santa to come tonight? 

I know mine are! Our daughter was given some 'Reindeer Food' for tonight, on their last day of school before Christmas break on Dec. 22, so we will be putting that out with them tonight!!

This year, we're making the main dish for the Christmas party which will be this evening at my sister in law's home. We're doing LASAGNA and I am really looking forward to it too! I love it when my husband makes it. He adds a lot of cheeses to it and it's just an awesome dish to enjoy. 

We have a nice time sending out Christmas cards each year, to friends and family.

A fun thing about the family Christmas party is that his one sister puts together a really fun game known as Siran Wrap Ball. It's where you place gift cards, cash, coins, chapstick, candy, etc in it and pass it around the circle and unwrap and keep passing it, until the end. It's a lot of fun. Here's the one she put together for this year's game!! 

My husband makes a LOT of cookies every year for Christmas, for cub scouts when we go Christmas caroling at nursing homes locally, Christmas party at his sister's house, and for us to share with my in laws as well on Christmas Day for lunch or dinner. 

One kind of cookie that he made up and I baked them all was Peanut Butter Blossoms, with Hershey Kisses in them. This year though, he bought a big variety pack of them so they weren't all one type of kiss; some have almonds, some are coookies and creme, and some are regular milk chocolate.

What is your family's fun / favorite Christmas tradition that you do each year?


  1. Ive never heard of doing that with Saran wrap before. I miss my oldest being young enough to believe.

  2. Peanut Butter Blossoms are our favorite, I am sure Santa was thrilled to find them! Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  3. WE make monkey bread on Christmas morning, we go look at lights Christmas eve and always watch home alone. Traditions are so fun!

  4. Christmas is my fav holiday of the year. It brings our joy and people do their Christmas traditions, it's super fun! I love that your family is super up for Christmas.

  5. The game is cool and the cookies look yummy. The kids will surely love it!!

  6. That would make a cool game for a Channucha party as well, especially for a large group of kids (and adults)

  7. Your cookies looks so yummy! My kods will surely love it. It would bring joy to the kids.

  8. Omg that Saran Wrap idea looks too funny!!!!! I need to do that for my daughter. She would think it was hilarious