Traveling to Disney: Must Go To Parks

Are you big on Disney like I am? I know I really want us to be able to take our kids to Orlando someday. Here are some pictures and the name of the rides and attractions that you can find when you're traveling to Disney. 

Must go to Parks at Disney World will be found in this post. 

As a kid and teenager, I went yearly or every 2 - 3 years with my family as we did vacations and holidays at Disney World. It was so much fun! The last time I was able to go to Disney was in 2003 when we went as a family and a friend / her daughter met us there.

Magic Kingdom

Where dreams come true - Cinderella's Castle!!

Of course, I have my favorite parks at Disney World. You're probably sitting there wondering what they are, and I will tell you! I absolutely love Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot the best! They have so many fun things to do at all of the parks, but these 3 are my top picks for sure. 

Animal Kingdom - Where you'll find some amazing views of some animals everywhere!

The beautiful view from across one of the parks.

Some of the most fun rides that I've gone on and had fun memories of are next in the post.

It's A Small World - You can't go to Disney World without going on It's A Small World!

Splash Mountain - Be prepared for a fun and wet ride! This is a family favorite memory.



  1. I like Epcot best (at least the last time I went). THe Magic Kingdom is always a treat. Animal kingdom is my least favorite.

  2. It's been too long since my last visit to Disney World but I'm going this fall! I can't wait to do some pin trading in all the parks!

  3. Love Disney, but it's been a while for me too! We're hoping to go next summer with our kiddos!

  4. Oh my, you may not want to hear this but I work there!!! Only as a seasonal employee (I just can't take the summer heat). It is the best job in the world, I work with the characters and get to see all of those little ones hug Mickey and the rest. I came across your blog through the FB Social Media Network group. Glad to have found a Disney lover, I hope you can bring your family sometime soon! I live in Celebration, just down World Drive from the Magic Kingdom and I know how blessed I am! Come on by Celebrate and Decorate and check things out!

    1. That is awesome!! I LOVE Disney World. We live in PA and right now it's not possible to make a big vaca like that happen yet but I hope we can by the time our youngest who is 1 is like 5 or 6.