Santa Claus is Coming

Normally, we don't have much of anything to do with Santa when it comes to Christmas as I never did Santa as a kid and I just never thought about it really. Well, over the past 3 years we decided to go ahead and leave presents unlabeled, and let our kids think it's from Santa. 

They have fun with it, and we will be doing Reindeer food again this year. To make reindeer food, you will need a snack size bag, and add some sugar, oatmeal, and glitter into it. Take the kids outside before bedtime on Christmas Eve, and let them sprinkle it on the stairs and sidewalk.

I am terrible at wrapping presents, so normally I just help my husband with taping the gifts and handing the presents to him one by one. Well, finally this year I got the DVDs and CDs wrapped and actually did a good job. 

At the end of wrapping, I realized how much we really do have present wise, and it's a lot. I have seen some blogs talk about Santa and other Christmas themes on their blogs, and I wanted to do my own version for today's post. I found the photo below online.

The picture below was before I cleaned up the tree area. No presents are under the tree til tonight when our kids go to bed. We have to charge both of their electric scooters and put batteries in our youngest's musical car toy, and then arrange all the presents nicely under the tree, and fill stockings!

What was your biggest present that you got for your kids this year?

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