Cheap Entertainment Fun for the Family!

I was recently asked by a reader to write about Cheap Entertainment Fun for the Family! So, below you'll find what our family enjoys doing that doesn't cost much money, and is fun!

We live in a small town, so there's not a lot to do in our locality really, other than going to the park which we do a lot of with our kids and such. Thankfully, we only live 2 minutes away from the closest park, which is a 3 - 4 minute walk if that. They love to take their bikes and ride around the walking / bike trail, which is one big circle. They have a nice little playground as well there, so we sit on the bench and watch them play. During the winter, we take our kids there to play in the snow and make snow angels!

During the summer, our kids go to the park there Mon - Fri, because they have a neat kids summer program for ages kindergarten through 6th grades, where they have college students and a teacher facilitating activities at the park for them, and 3 field trips; all which are free! The only cost is if they want to buy things for lunch at the concession stand, which they don't very often.

But, one thing we like to do often as we can is go for a long drive which we usually take an hour or two doing, and look for deer or elk. There are certain times of the year and times of the evening that you aren't allowed to do any spotlighting (just to look for deer, we don't hunt), so we avoid it at those times and will just drive to look for deer for fun. Our kids love doing this, and the only real cost is gas for vehicle to drive around. We have a lot of elk and deer around where we live, but more so about 30 minutes away you can find HUNDREDS of elk in fields. Not many states though likely have elk to see, but deer likely yes. 


  1. We live in the middle of nowhere too. I love going for drives - you never know what you might see. Deer, elk or even bighorn sheep here.

  2. OH I would love to be able to spot Elk nearby! We love to go on hikes or bike rides... or the local drive in where we can make a night out of it. We pack a picnic and catch 2 movies...