*Sponsored* - How to Choose the Best Prams and Strollers for your Children

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You will need to see the amount of storage space that you have available. Look at the many styles, designs and brands on the market to see which will be the best for your child and their needs.
How to Choose the Best Prams and Strollers for Your Children

Parents are faced with an alarming array of accessories for their new baby, among which prams or strollers are perhaps one of the most important must-have items. With many styles, designs and brands on the market, the choice can be confusing, least not because an expensive purchase that proves to be a mistake should be avoided. When selecting a pram or stroller, keeping your lifestyle, your budget and the needs of your child uppermost in your mind will help you to make an informed decision.

Lifestyle choices

Prams and strollers come in a variety of styles but not all will suit your lifestyle equally. If you expect to travel often with your baby in the car or on public transport, you may prefer to opt for a lighter, compact model that can be easily folded; having limited space in the trunk may also affect your choice because some will fold more compactly than others.

Where you plan to walk should also influence your decision, as some prams and strollers will cope less well with the undulating ground in rural areas compared to the sidewalk of a modern city. Three-wheeled models with inflatable tires are ideal for uneven surfaces and offer a smoother ride for your child, but for a quick dash to a nearby grocery store, you may be happy with a simpler pushchair at a lower price.

However, bear in mind that a cheaper stroller may have a less generous shopping basket (and hanging bags of groceries on the handles can be dangerous); a model with a large basket is especially suitable for shopping.

Also, think about the amount of storage space you have at home (you’ll get fed up of falling over the pram in confined space pretty quickly) and whether you have to access your property via steps or an elevator, as a lighter frame that can be folded flat will save time, energy and your back muscles!

Decide how much you can afford
Affordability is always an important factor but you’ll find a stroller in every price bracket. Planning to have another baby in future might incline you to invest more now, as you’ll enjoy long-term use; if you’re only looking for a basic model with limited features for occasional walks, a lower priced product may be suitable. 

Try before you buy

You wouldn’t dream of purchasing a new car without a test drive and the same applies to a pram or stroller for your baby. Only by pushing it around the store will you be able to get a true feel for the different styles, which will help you to make an informed choice before making a long-term commitment.

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  1. I love the try before you buy advice! I went through a lot of strollers with my two boys because I could never find one I loved but then I ended up using a friend's and loving it. Sometimes just borrowing from a friend or neighbor can help make the decision easier!