Thanksgiving this year was spent at my in laws' house

What did your families do for Thanksgiving this year?

We went to my in laws house and ate. Our nieces and one nephew were there, so our kids were really happy to have them to play with. It was pretty fun. When we first got there, we got to watch a bit of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade! I love watching the parade, and would love to go in person someday to see it in NYC.  

My husband and son (almost 7) made about 7 pumpkin pies on Wednesday night, and were up off and on until 1am checking on them! We took all but 3 with us, so we can enjoy some pies here at home, with cool whip of course! We had bought a big can of pumpkin mix, so we had to use it up by making multiple pies, but we still have pie mix leftover to make more with. 

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