Thanksgiving Break, Snow, and plans for Christmas

My kids are on Thanksgiving break right now. They had Thursday, Friday, and have Monday off school. They go back December 2. My husband has had a nice break from work - didn't have to work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. 

He goes back to work Monday night. I am very thankful for a extra long holiday week / weekend! It's been nice and long.

It's been a nice little break having kids home, not at school everyday. They do go back Tuesday though. For Christmas break though, they are off almost 2 weeks! I'm not too sure what we'll do for Christmas yet though other than hangout at home and at the in laws house. We're buying a real Christmas tree next weekend, so we're looking forward to that of course. 

It's been snowing off and on here, so they have been playing in it from time to time. Thankfully though the temperature isn't too cold yet like it had been. It's in the 20s or so. 

What has the weather been like where you live?

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