Last week at work, moving, changing schools

I gave them a 3 week notice, and am sad to leave the daycare, because I became very close with one particular baby in our room, but my husband, kids and I are moving back to where he is from to help with his parents as they are not doing well health wise. I will be staying in touch with the little boy's mom and hope to see him when we come to visit, whether it's by going to the daycare or meeting them somewhere. I am having dinner with some of my good co-workers tomorrow at 6:30pm at K & W to be able to have some socializing before I go. 

It's not cool, but we're having to move at the end of my son's school year which will make him have to finish kindergarten in another state / school, but the positive thing with that is that he will be in the same class probably as his cousin who is 3 weeks older than he is. We will be registering him ASAP in the school my husband went to once we take a first trip to PA, because as soon as we actually move in 2 weeks or so he will be immediately in school. He has spring break starting April 18 for a week. I will be ordering him a yearbook of course for here, as well as a Field Day t-shirt. He will be getting a few of his close friends' phone numbers to be able to keep in touch and come see when we visit.

We are taking my husband's truck to sit at a family member's house next weekend and spending a lot of time looking for housing to put a deposit on a house or apartment to rent, and Easter lunch with them, and coming back in the evening with my car, and doing Easter at night with my family. The next trip we take will be with a 27 foot UHAUL truck and my car. 


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    1. Will do :) When is the family reunion you guys host sometimes? hopefully we can make it this year and see you guys!