Kids Spring Clothing Styles with Kid Pik

 *Disclaimer - I received a gift card to purchase the products in this post, thanks to Kid Pik

Are you looking for a great set of outfits for your kids this spring?

When Kid Pik reached out to me, I was thrilled because it's spring and my younger three kids needed some new clothes for the weather, so it was perfect timing! I love how much of a big selection Kid Pik has of kids clothes, for both boys and girls of all ages. 

My son is excited that he got to pick out a new shirt and decided to get a pair of sandals instead of some shorts. He has a fun style and loves to help with reviews of clothes especially! I got him a size boys 8 for shirt and it fits him perfectly. He's looking forward to wearing his new sandals once school lets out. 

My daughter has her own style and had fun picking out an outfit for herself too. She got a skirt, shirt, and a pair of shoes, as well as ear muffs. I got her a size 6 girls for the skirt and shirt; they fit her well and she loves them so far. She loves to dress up, so she was thrilled when she found a skirt and shirt that matched well with it on their website.

Of course winter is over, but she wanted to get some ear muffs anyway. I absolutely love the styles of clothes that Kid Pik has to choose from! It's hard to find cute and good style clothes sometimes that I know my kids will like to wear. 

My daughter was excited to be able to pick out an outfit and shoes for herself and she loves them so far. The good thing is that they fit great and also are stylish and ones she likes so far and they match well too! She absolutely loves the pink shoes that she picked out, and they will work well with dresses that she wears to church as well. 

And everything that all of them selected fits well, so I know they are all true to size. 

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