Get the Newair Chest Freezer (NFT050GA00)

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Newair in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for the perfect deep freezer for your house or apartment?

I have been looking for a deep freezer that might work for my apartment to be able to store foods that can be frozen and used at a later time, so I was very excited and happy that I was able to get the Newair Chest Freezer (NFT050GA00)

When it comes to having several kids, a chest freezer is a must! I have a big need for storing foods that both my kids and I want, but we don't want to eat or cook this week so that is why the Newair Chest Freezer (NFT050GA00) is a great option, especially if you need it in a smaller space in the kitchen! It is perfect for my apartment and I love it so far. 

The top 3 key features that I love the most are:

- Digital Setting - You can set the digital temperature for it when you are setting it up which is super easy to do! I have mine set at 6 degrees and it keeps everything frozen with no issues whatsoever. This makes it simple for setting it up correctly as the temperature recommendation is in the booklet.

- LED light. It has a bright LED light under the lid of this chest freezer and it is super convenient to have, especially if you happen to need to open it at night in the dark for some reason. This is great for families

- Lightweight and plenty of space. It is not heavy at all and I got it in my kitchen by myself with no issue at all from the box that it came out of. It took maybe 10 minutes for me to get it out of the box and plug it into the wall. It has plenty of storage space for a good amount of food to be placed in it, to freeze and stay good.

When it comes to needing a chest freezer, I am really glad that I went with this Newair Chest Freezer (NFT050GA00) because it has everything that I need in it, and has a basket for smaller items such as ice cream sandwiches or popsicles, etc.

I currently have more than enough stored in this chest freezer and it's very convenient as it's just my size to be able to get in and out of as well. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone needing a smaller chest freezer, but it is still a good size for apartment or home alike.

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