My New Favorite Blanket From Minky Couture

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Minky Couture, in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Are you looking for the perfect blanket that will keep you warm and is super soft?

When it comes to having blankets, I have to have soft and warm ones to be content and I have had my eye on Minky Couture blankets for many years now, so when I tell you that I was super excited to find out that I could work with them for my holiday gift guide I am very serious!! The colors on this one are just beautiful as can be; it reminds me of cotton candy, but also of course unicorns and that is why this is called unicorn stripe design.

I have a queen size mattress and this blanket is the Unicorn Stripe monster size blanket which is 60x72 inches in size, and it fits perfectly on my bed, and I love it! It is super warm and so soft, it is great. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a good quality minky blanket. It's a little heavier than most of the blankets I have already, but it keeps me warmer.

This is an extra plush blanket that has medium thickness, and softness that goes for days!  Everyone in the family will love this blanket and be wanting one. The price of the monster size blanket on their website is $239 and in my opinion is worth every penny! I have had a few minky blankets not this brand in the past, but the softness of the Minky Couture brand is much softer than any other one I have had!

They let me do a $100 Minky Couture gift card giveaway too, so make sure that you go enter between now and November 12!! You will be able to pick out your own minky blanket that way too, and they have so many to choose from! I love a lot of their designs they have available, but my favorite color combination was of course the unicorn stripe, so I got that one.

This blanket and I'm assuming all of their blankets, come in a nice Minky Couture carrying bag, and the blanket itself is wrapped with a ribbon to undo. I thought that was a nice thing too, because my kids love the bag, even if I don't end up using it to actually carry around the blanket if it goes anywhere with me, or not. 

Look how nicely put together and wrapped this blanket is done! I love it. It would most definitely make a great gift for anyone in the family or your friends for the holidays for sure. I know for me, I love to ask for soft blankets as a Christmas gift every year and end up with different designs, I love it. They are the best quality blanket on their site too!

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