How To Make Your Family Kitchen the Heart of the Home

The kitchen is such an important room in the home. When you went to view your house before purchasing, chances were it’s the kitchen that was one of the spaces you considered the most. It’s where we nourish our bodies but also our minds as in the kitchen, countless memories with our loved ones are created. From dinners with family to parties with friends, rainy days spent baking with kids and quiet morning coffee with our partner, there’s a reason it’s labelled as the heart of the home. If your kitchen isnt up to scratch, you could be missing out on lots of valuable memories and socialising time in this space, so read on for ways you can improve your kitchen.

Remodelling Tips

If your current kitchen is very small or badly laid out, or just old and impractical then remodelling might be the way to go. While this is an expensive task, it’s so worth it - just make sure to avoid these kitchen remodeling mistakes in the process! Not only will a remodel give you that space you need for your family, but you’ll also add value to your property making it a worthy investment. 

You might be able to get away with utilising your current cabinet carcasses and adding new doors and worktops to save money. Even small changes like a new sink, or even just taps and handles can make a big difference. In other cases, you might need to get in contact with a kitchen design service, such as luxury kitchen design by Nicholas Anthony, and start again from scratch. If your space is small, having a wall removed to open everything up might be a good place to start. An extension is another option, or having new, larger windows or French doors added could brighten everything up. You can find out more about this here. A bright and airy kitchen will make meal preparation a delightful experience for the whole family.


 No matter how lovely or spacious your kitchen is, bad organisation will create a feeling of clutter and chaos. If you’re working with a smaller space then of course, organisation is more important than ever. Get rid of things you don't use, and find/make space for the things that you do. Maximise the room you have by making use of every nook and cranny- add a wine storage holder to a gap between appliances or install new kitchen cabinets to make the most of your space. Installing new kitchen cabinets and storage racks will allow you to open up space on your worktops and give you more space to store countertop appliances and ingredients. This will give your kitchen an open clearer feeling, making it a more enjoyable environment to use.

If you have a pantry area then getting this fitted with shelves and spice racks and other forms of storage means that all of your store cupboard ingredients will stay organised and will make cooking a dream. Decanting things into glass or plastic airtight containers will keep them fresh for longer and prevent pest infestations. Carefully labelling things with what’s inside and the use by date allows you to easily keep on top of everything. Invest in a label machine to make this job a breeze.

Decor Ideas

Transforming your kitchen into a warm and inviting space doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint in a cheerful hue can make all the diofference. If you go with light colours it will make the room look bigger, and hacks like painting the tiles or having fresh vinyl fitted over outdated flooring can transform the room without spending much money. Features like a chalkboard wall where you and your children can leave sweet messages or plan weekly menus together add personality to the room. Display artwork or family photos on the walls to create a personal touch too. Hanging plants not only add a touch of greenery but also purify the air and create a calming environment and add colour, texture and interest to any kitchen without making it look cluttered. 

Family-Friendly Appliances

If you want your kitchen to be a space where your family can socialise then it of course needs to be safe. If you have little ones then you will need to consider some safety features so they can spend time freely with you in there without causing an accident. Investing in family-friendly appliances can make your kitchen more efficient and convenient, have a look for appliances with child-safety features, such as stove guards or oven locks, to ensure a safe environment for your little ones. Consider a refrigerator with adjustable shelves and door bins, allowing you to customise the space to accommodate various food items and snacks. Magnetic cupboard locks are great as they keep little hands away from things like kitchen tools and cleaning chemicals without bulky or ugly looking locks- in fact they’re completely invisible. You simply use a small magnetic ‘key’ to open them. A dishwasher with a quick cycle option can be a lifesaver during busy evenings, leaving you more time to connect with your family after dinner.

Seating Arrangements

The kitchen is not only a place for cooking but also a hub for family gatherings and bonding. A good dining table is essential, with enough seating for everyone plus guests- occasional fold down chairs that you can store in the shed can be useful and there’s always a seat available for anyone that comes to join you for food. Other seating such as bar stools or a cosy breakfast table where your family can enjoy meals or engage in conversation while you cook can be useful too. This casual setup can be another way to encourage time spent in the kitchen and again make the use out of that space. 

Your kitchen has the potential to be the heart of your home, where the warmth of family connections and delicious adventures intersect. Let your kitchen reflect your family's unique personality and foster a space that encourages togetherness, creativity, and joy. Happy cooking and creating beautiful memories with your loved ones!

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