Have More Fun on a Family Day Out

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It can be tricky to have more fun on a family day out when you are struggling to get along, on a budget, or even when the weather is bad. But here are some simple but effective tricks.

Take Some Classic Outdoor Games

There are some things that never go old. And when you are on a day out, it helps to pack some fun stuff to do for all the family. Of course, the kids might want to play with the LOL Surprise toys or mobile devices in the back of the car. But once everyone is out, it is then you can play together as a family. Classics like frisbees, tennis, and even water guns like Nerf are great fun on the beach or in a park. Even you can buy darts and dartboard and enjoy the game in the woods.

And the only rule is that everyone has to take part in the outdoor fun.

Do Something for Everyone

We are all different, and the things you enjoy doing aren’t necessarily fun for the rest of your family. And doing something to suit the needs of one person isn’t fair. So the best fun to have is when you do activities that are fun for the family. For example, everyone loves theme parks. But of course, you must also queue for rides that everyone can enjoy or pick a ride each. There are also other fun activities for families, such as bowling, crazy golf, and indoor adventure parks.

Fun on a Family Day Out is Inclusive

A happy family is a democratic and inclusive one. And this can help you immensely when you are enjoying a day out. To avoid someone being upset, it helps to vote on what you should do as a family. Or ask each family member or child to pitch an idea. That way, everyone gets to do something they want. This can be hard in exciting places where there is a lot to do, such as Disney Resort, or even when visiting attractions inside a large city like New York or London. 

Take It Easy and Stay Calm

Losing your cool can completely ruin a day out with the family. Of course, no one is suggesting it’s an easy thing to manage a handful of kids. But the whole point of being out is to have fun together and make happy memories. If you are becoming stressed, then remove yourself from the situation for five minutes. Find a quiet spot and grab a coffee. Tell the kids you are going to the bathroom or something similar. You will only beat yourself up if you ruin their special day.

Plan for Food and Drinks

If you are visiting somewhere that allows you to take food and drink inside, then that might be the better option. Many attractions that offer to dine are very expensive. So if you are on a budget, perhaps buy something from a supermarket, or even take some snacks. Museums and similar attractions are usually fine with this, and some offer food areas. However, most theme parks don’t allow this and want you to eat theirs. So plan ahead how much this might cost.


Having fun on a family day out is possible when you follow some simple advice. Take some games for everyone, let each family member choose something, and plan for food and drinks.

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