Step 2 Atherton Grand Onyx Black Mail Post & XL Black Mailbox

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Step 2 , in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a new mailbox and are looking for a more unique look?

When it comes to mailboxes, I usually just opt to get a regular one that will fit packages and mail just fine. But, this time our flag had broke off of the one that we did have and I was looking for one that would be a great fit for our home but also one that would fit bigger packages as needed with blogging or just online orders that come through.

I found this beautiful Step 2 Atherton Grand Onyx Black Mail Post & XL Black Mailbox and LOVE it so far. It looks great now and I love the color and design, it's just perfect for our needs. You can get this post and XL mailbox for yourself for just $249.99 on their website! This is a very well made mailbox and post, and of course with the mailbox being an extra large size, it is very big once you open it, which is perfect for what we were needing.

When you shop on their website use the code MAMA4LIFE15 and you will get 15% off on the entire purchase on, it excludes replacement parts and sale items; one discount code per order. This discount is good now through Feb. 28!

This mailbox and post only took about 15 minutes or so total to put together. We finally had a nice couple of days for weather, so it was the perfect time to be able to put together the mailbox we received. I am so glad I went with this style - it's a gorgeous color black, but also just has a great look/appeal to it as well looking from the house, as well as from the road. 

This is perfect for adding a nice addition to your home, from the Step 2 Home collection as this is one of the products for their Spring 2023 line up. I am excited to see what else the brand has in store for this year as far as products go.

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