3 Useful Ways to Track Your Child's Phone for Maximum Safety

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Keeping your child safe is a top priority for any parent, and with the rise of digital devices, it can be challenging to track what your child is doing online. Fortunately, there are several ways you can track your child's phone to ensure maximum safety. From monitoring their location to keeping tabs on their app usage, you can use various methods to keep an eye on your children and ensure they are safe. Here are 3 useful ways to track your child's phone for maximum safety.

Via Google maps

Google maps is a simple but effective way to track your child's phone. You can log into your account and use the 'My Location' feature to see where your child is as long as they have logged into their Google account on their device. This online blog post shares how to do this step by step. You may want to check with your child to make sure they are comfortable with you knowing their location, depending on their age. This method of tracking your child's phone is beneficial if they have lost their device.

Use a tracking app

Several tracking apps are available to track your child's phone, which can provide a comprehensive overview of everything your child does with their phone. These tracking apps can tell you about your child's calls, texts, and social media activity and provide a detailed log of their app usage. Tracking apps can also show your child's location in real-time, which is great if your child is out and about and you want to keep track of where they are. Some tracking apps allow you to access other information on their phones, including apps they have downloaded, being able to read their messages, or even block their phone remotely.

Check via social media.

If your child is engaging in social media, you can check what they are posting and who they are interacting with via their profile. Social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have different geocaching options allowing you to see your child's location if activated or check when they were last online by looking at what they have been sharing. You can also use these controls to report any suspicious activity or content you see on your child's account.

Other safety tips for parents

If you're worried about your child's safety, there are a few extra precautions you can take. Set up a login and password for any device your child uses. This way, you can keep track of their actions and create rules around their usage. If your child uses public WiFi, ensure they know how to stay safe online. Teach them not to give out personal information, such as their address and phone number, and to avoid using their real name when posting online. Make sure your child is aware of the dangers of meeting strangers online. Let them know that they should never give out personal information, like their address or phone number, and that they should never agree to meet someone in real life without telling a parent first.


Digital devices can threaten your child's safety and privacy, so keeping tabs on what they do online is essential. Fortunately, you can use various methods to track your child's phone and keep them safe. If you follow these five tips, you can track your child's phone for maximum safety and ensure your child is safe and sound.

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