How Can Technology Help Parents to Keep Kids Safe?

Are you looking to find ways that technology can keep kids safe?

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With all the scams, online predators, and bullying social media trolls out there, common sense seems to dictate that technology is something a parent should protect their children from. That may be true…to a point. While parents should certainly keep track of their children’s use of technology, it can actually be used to teach kids about how to be safe on their own.

Engaging Educational Tools
Interactive games, videos, cartoons…children are attracted to all of these things. So, why not use them to teach
kids about safety? You can talk to your children all day long about safety. But there’s just something about colorful
graphics and interactive technology that excites them, and so really keeps them engaged with the subject matter;
it’s fun, not a lecture. 

A multitude of online media caters to kids’ safety: cyber safety, traffic/car safety, how to deal with strangers, what to
do in case of a fire or other emergency, etc. The list of safety topics goes on and on. All you have to do is search
online for the specific safety topic you want, and there’s bound to be a video or game associated with it.

Online People Searches
For parents, online people searches can help to verify the identities of social media “friends,” locate any criminal
records that other parents may have, and confirm the sex offender status of a new neighbor. This can make it easier
to know if other adults in your kids’ life are people you can really trust.

All you need to perform such a search is the person’s full name, plus their city and state of residence, if known
(which is helpful for narrowing things down, but not absolutely necessary). Once you’re sure you’ve found the right
person, you have the option to dig a little deeper to get the public records information—and peace of mind—you

Parental Controls
For the times when you can’t watch over your children’s online activity directly, parental controls help to set the
boundaries you want to make. On computers and cell phones, parental controls can be put in place to limit the
amount of time that children spend online, the types of sites/content they can access, and put a stop to any
unauthorized purchases.

On most popular cell phone models (both Apple and Android), parental controls are a built-in feature that you can
adjust in Settings. In addition to the online limits mentioned above, parents can turn on the phone tracker feature.
So, you can keep track of where the phone—and your child—is at all times, even when they’re not at home. If any
of the standard controls aren’t exactly to your liking, there are third-party parental control apps available for

In short, as a responsible parent, you do want to periodically check up on your child’s use of technology. But it’s
technology itself that can actually help you keep them safe, and help them learn how to be safe, during those times
when you can’t do it yourself.

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