Let's Discuss Growing Confidence In The Kitchen


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Cooking isn’t always easy. This is because like anything, cooking takes time to learn, and a fair amount of mistakes to get right. Even something as simple as an omelette can take time to get right, as cracking the eggs, whisking, adding your filling, and carefully folding it is not necessarily the most intuitive process to achieve perfectly the first time.

So, don’t feel bad if you’re coming to cooking for the first time, if you need a refresher, or after a decade of takeout, fast food, and frozen oven-ready foods, you’re hoping to make some proper recipes for the first time. The best time to start is always now.

That said, it can be somewhat worrying to learn kitchen skills, especially on your own. You can attend cookery courses which can be great, of course, but recommend that you spend money on tuition is not really great advice for us to give. Let’s discuss how you can go about growing confidence in the kitchen yourself:

Try Some Basic Recipes

There’s no shame in starting small, in fact, it’s the best place to start. For instance, how about making some avocado eggs with a little smoked salmon on wholemeal toast for breakfast? Why not try making your own mayonnaise? A simple recipe, like a stew, can also be a nice way to learn some basics. 

Frying off some chopped onions, carrots and garlic in a dutch oven, browning off your chunky stewing beef after seasoning them with salt, pepper and flour; adding beef broth, Worcester sauce, new potatoes, tomato paste and thyme, then letting cook in an oven at 165C/325F for two hours thirty will lead you to a beautiful end result. See how simple that is? But the results are fantastic. It’s little steps like this that help you fall in love with cooking.

Uncover The Love Of Simple Baked Goods

Baked goods are a treat, and they don’t have to be so intensive to make. You can find a great homemade biscuit recipe here, which is truly divine. Making homemade biscuits, cookies, and even bread with bread makers can help you whip up little treats that you love and can share with pride. Even fairy cupcakes with icing tube decorations can be a lovely approach too. Here you’ll really see that food isn’t about the size of your skillset, but the size of your heart.

Knife Skills Help

A cool investment in your own kitchen is to buy a good chef’s knife. A good quality one, taken care of, can last years and years. If you learn how to sharpen it, proper cutting technique, and how to cut safely, you will feel much more confident. It can be nerve-wracking cooking with heat in the kitchen for the first time, but it’s often the sharper implements like knives that can make new cooks hesitant. If you follow expert advice, care for this tool, buy a good chopping board and utilize good technique, all of a sudden you’ll have achieved an essential kitchen skill.

With this to begin, you’ll be able to move forward and prosper as a home cook.

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