Preventing Isolation In Your Aging Parents

Older people are susceptible to a wide range of health risks. One of the most prominent amongst them isn’t a physical risk, but rather one to their emotional and mental well-being. Isolation poses a serious risk, leading to an increased risk of depression, higher blood pressure, and even dementia. As we get older, our social circles shrink, so you might want to think about what you can do for your aging parents.

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Bring the family together

While not all of the onus can be put on you as an individual, you can certainly help by making sure that you visit your aging parents more often. Helping them form a bond with their grandchildren if you have kids of your own, can be a great joy to them as well. Of course, family circumstances might not always make this the easiest thing to do, but helping them feel connected through you and your family is certainly something that’s worth considering.

Find hobby groups for them to join

The idea that older people don’t have the passion to pursue their own interests is far from the truth. It’s just that it can be hard to find your peer group, no matter the age. However, you can help them by finding activity groups for retired individuals. This can include crafting clubs, volunteering clubs, and even clubs that go on things like tours and coach trips together. The internet can be a great resource for this, but you can also ask local care homes if they offer their residents any kind of connection with hobby groups.

Consider the prospect of a retirement community

Speaking of care, you might have noticed that loneliness isn’t the only challenge to your parent’s ability to live a happy, independent life. Talking with a senior care consultant, you can talk about not only the kind of practical help that local retirement communities can offer. You can find that many of them also improve the social lives of their guests, helping them find their peers, as well as hosting various activity nights that can offer them some recreation. Of course, care is the main concern, so many care facilities will make sure that they have in-home doctor visits available to residents, but their emotional well-being is just as much a part of that so socializing matters, too.

Teach them to make use of technology

It’s not something that everyone is going to grasp easily, but technology is making it easier than ever for people to keep in touch and there are more older people making use of social media and chat apps than you might think. Talk to your parent about the possibility of getting them signed up to reconnect with old friends or even to keep in touch with their family. After all, technology is playing an increasing part in all of our lives, so it might not be too difficult to convince them.

The questions of isolation, loneliness, and socializing can be sensitive topics, so you want to make sure that you approach them with care. Don’t try to take the decision out of your parents’ hands, either. Be understanding and helpful, but not pushy.

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