How You Can Keep Your Loved Ones Close at All Times

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It can be heartwarming to keep your loved ones close after passing away. There's no end to the options, from standard headstones to contemporary remembrance.

A Classic Gravestone

While you can't take a gravestone home with you, it is a permanent reminder of what someone meant to you each time you visit their burial site. It's popular these days to have a gravestone inscribed or have something placed onto it forever. Typically these include sayings, poems, and even lyrics to their favorite songs. Sites like offer a wide range of cemetery headstones and other funeral products to make sure you ever forget those dear to you. Quality headstones are made to last and can also be placed at urn sites for remembrance.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close with a Letter

Many of us know how important it is to write someone we care about a letter. It makes them feel special and allows us to show how we feel, too. Writing to our loved ones who have died is a unique way to talk to them even though they are no longer with us. Even if you know they will never read what you write, it can still be helpful to talk to them, tell them how you feel, and tell them what's in your heart. This can help you work through things and feel closer to them, and it is a therapeutic way to say something you weren't able to when they were alive.

Passed Down Valuables

Family heirlooms are valuable things that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, most family artifacts are kept in garages or basements rather than on display. Nevertheless, you should show off if you're lucky enough to get something from your family. It will not only look nice in your house, but it will also remind you of good times. Even something that isn't very old could be an heirloom if it was given to you by your parents or grandparents. Also, if you want to make it worth more, you can try to upcycle it.

Captured Moments and Memories

Pictures are the best way to remember the good times you've had with someone. Small pictures of their loved ones are frequently kept in wallets or hung on walls or refrigerators. This enables them to remember their loved ones all day long. Investing in a digital picture frame that cycles through all of the best images you have of the subject is another fantastic option. Another great idea is to get a digital picture frame that shows a cycle of all the best pictures you have. These devices are much cheaper than regular picture frames and work better.

Cremation and Keepsakes

When you choose to have someone cremated, there are ashes you get to keep. Typically these are in an urn. But you may want to think about using the remains upon death so that you can make something to keep them close to you and your family, such as:

  • Necklaces

  • Cufflinks

  • Charms

  • Rings

  • Earrings

Sometimes it may be hard for you to stay close to where your loved ones are buried. You won't be able to move their grave, whether it's because of money or other reasons. This option will bring your loved one much closer to your heart and home, by creating a cremation diamond from their ashes you can create various pieces you can wear so you can keep your loved one with you wherever you go.

Good Deeds in their Name

Helping build or keep up your dear ones' reputation is a beautiful way to remember them and what they used to stand for. Even though not everyone has the money to help build foundations worth millions of dollars, if you have the means to give even a little, you should do so. You might want to save a small amount of your inheritance to give to charities that are important to your family. This is an honorable and proud way to carry on a tradition set by the departed. If possible, you could set up a charity, scholarship, or fund in their name and continue the work.

Remember Death with New Life

There are many ways to use the remains of a dead loved one. The best of these is to make a beautiful tree out of your loved one's ashes. You can choose from many different kinds of trees, like maple, oak, and redwood. This way, you can be sure that the respect you give to the tree is a blessing from your loved ones. In addition, you can keep your loved one close to you by putting it on your property. Many people believe that it can be very spiritually uplifting to sit under a tree that has a physical connection to a loved one who has passed on.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close by Talking About Them

Another important way to stay close to a person who has died is to talk about them with other people. Spending time with your shared family or friends will help you feel closer to the person you love. Talk about the person you lost, tell stories about them, and share your sadness together. But try to talk about more than just that. Focus on the good things and work on your relationship with each person on its own. You might be surprised at how this makes you feel closer to your loved one, even though they are not there to hear your kind words.

Design a Memorial Tattoo

A modern approach to memory is a tattoo. A memorial tattoo could be an excellent way to always remember how much someone meant to you. Tattoos are permanent, and this could be a great way to honor a loved one you've lost and carry them with you for the rest of your life. You could choose their birthday, their favorite number, or their name. Or perhaps even an inside joke the two of you shared and always found funny and just as meaningful. You could ask the artist to put the tattoo near your heart or somewhere special just for you..


There are various ways you can keep your loved ones close after death. Gravestones are classic. But you can also have jewelry made from ashes or plant a memorial tree.

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