Sugar Alternatives That You’ll Actually Want To Use

Almost everyone these days has heard of sweeteners and artificial sugars. These are everywhere in diet drinks and even cooking. With so many fears around sugar intake, calorie consumption, and overall health concerns about sugar, more and more of us are starting to look for sugar alternatives that are actually worth a spot in our pantry, especially once you learn why sugar is bad for your heart.

Sadly, many sugar alternatives just don’t work with certain recipes, and the taste usually isn’t as nice as regular old sugar. So whether you’re trying to make healthier desserts or need a substitute for a sweet tea, here are a couple of sugar alternatives that you’ll actually want to use.

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Xylitol is one of the most popular natural sweeteners. It’s used all across the world and is known as a sugar alcohol that has a similar sweetness to sugar. Unlike almost every other sugar and sugar substitute, xylitol actually appears to have some dental health benefits. It can even reduce the risk of cavities and dental decay which is why many chewing gum producers have started to use xylitol as their sweetener of choice.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is also known as coconut palm sugar, a natural sugar that is made from coconut palm sap. It looks a little like brown sugar and it manages to retain some of the good nutrients that you find in the coconut palm. This includes minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. It also has a bit of fiber which makes it a good substitute for many recipes. However, it’s still fairly high in calories and you’d get more nutrients from real foods. So if coconut sugar has the taste that you want and is suitable for recipes, then it can be considered a slightly better alternative to sugar.


Did you know that honey is actually around 25% sweeter than most table sugar? This means that honey can be a wonderful substitute for most recipes that call for sugar, and it’s also slightly healthier thanks to its health benefits. The flavor and texture of honey are a little different, but there are plenty of great recipes where honey can actually change something to give it a more complex taste. If you can’t have honey or aren’t fond of it, then you can find a substitute for honey which will essentially be a substitute for sugar. In short, this is a great sugar alternative with many varieties. One flavor I'm sure you'll love is honey habanero seasoning, which is good for many things.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is another common sugar alternative that has antioxidants and even some vitamins and minerals. In fact, organic maple syrup has even more nutrients than regular maple syrup, making it akin to a superfood in some cases. Much like coconut sugar though, you’ll probably get more nutrients than regular maple syrup just by eating different foods. However, there’s no doubt that maple syrup can be a tasty alternative to sugar that will slightly alter the sweet flavor of your favorite dishes.

So while sugar alternatives aren’t the perfect replacement for normal sugar, there are plenty of substitutes that are great depending on the recipe that you’re following.

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