Dirt Dessert is a Fun Way to Make Food with Kids #Recipe

Are you looking for a simple but fun dessert that you can make with your kids this summer? Try making Dirt Dessert! 

I'm sure your sons will be excited when you mention "dirt" being a dessert. Of course, it's not actual dirt but hey it sure looks like it. Get your kids in the kitchen and have them help make this delicious dessert for the whole family to enjoy!

You came to the right place looking for an awesome and fun, yet simple recipe for kids to enjoy helping you make. Head to the store to get everything you need and have fun making the dessert!

Dirt Dessert Recipe


- 4 cups of milk
- 2 packages of 4 oz chocolate instant pudding 
- 8 oz package of Cool Whip
- 1/4 stick of butter at room temperature
- 4 oz of cream cheese at room temperature
- Half a package of Oreos (crushed into crumbs)
- Gummy worms
- A container or cups to put the dirt dessert in


1. Pour the milk into a mixing bowl with the 2 packages of pudding mix.
2. Beat with a wire whisk until it's well blended (usually about 2 minutes)
3. Let the pudding you just mixed stand for about 5 minutes 
4. Stir the Cool Whip into the pudding pretty gently, until it's all the same color
5. In another bowl, beat the butter and cream cheese together until it's blended well
6. Pour the cream cheese and butter mixture into the pudding bowl and stir it in
7. Add your crushed Oreo cookies onto the top of your pudding mix 
8. Add 5 - 8 gummy worms into the top of the dirt dessert for added fun
9. Place your container or bowl in the fridge for 4 hours to set
10. ENJOY!!


  1. How fun.. as a mom of boys I am sure they would love this. Gonna buy the stuff to make it today ♢

  2. Yum! Dirt Dessert is a hit around here! I love making it in the summer instead of turning on the oven to bake!

  3. My kids would love to make this! Looks super easy to make to and so yummy!

  4. We love dirt cake, and dirt cupcakes - so much fun to make and even more fun to eat!

  5. Can't wait to put this together with the kids. It will be lots of fun.

  6. We love making this in our home - it's totally a hit with my son!

  7. My 4 year old son would love this. And it's so simple. Thanks for sharing!

  8. WE love making things like this with our kids. They like to help in the kitchen, but they usually are just in the way. Things like this give them a role.

  9. I would love to make this with my niece and nephew!