Making Your Retirement Space Feel Like Home

At any point in our lives, moving is a huge adjustment. We get used to our home; where things go, the sounds it makes, even what we do not like about it. It can be hard to leave what we know and enter into a new phase in life, especially when this includes changing our surroundings. A house is what you make of it, and turning your retirement space into a home can be made simple with a few helpful tips. 

View it as an Opportunity 

Moving to a new place is the perfect opportunity to personalize a space in a way that you want. You may love your current home, but now you can try out a new style you have always loved, or implement more efficient ways to utilize space. Many individuals who move into a retirement living situation find themselves with less space than they had before, so you will likely have to be prepared to downsize a bit. 

When you are looking for a good retirement space, make sure that you consider all of your options - whether that is a home witihin somewhere like one of the senior living communities in Tennessee or a more private home where you are left to your own devices, this is always the best place to start! 

Choose a Style

You know what you like and what makes you feel comfortable, so if you don’t want to feel like the new space is drastically different try to decorate it in a way that is similar to your old house. You can bring the items you love or find new pieces that will fit in the retirement space but still match the theme you are looking to achieve. 

If you are not super attached to the style of your old home, this can be a great time to switch things up and explore a new style. To make this easier and less overwhelming, you can choose one or a few items from your old home that you love, and build the new style off of that. 

Use Bright Colors

Unless you are attached to dark colors and neutrals, bright colors can be a great way to make a small space feel larger while also lifting your mood. Adding some of your favorite colors with accent pillows, curtains, and fresh flowers can be an easy way to personalize the space. It will also make the space feel welcoming to your guests. 

If bright colors are not your thing, that’s okay too. The most important thing about decorating your new apartment or home is that you show off your personality, and feel comfortable in the space every day. 

Create New Memories

Moving to a new space can make you feel nostalgic for your old home and your old life. It is important to fill your retirement space with positive memories as soon as you can. Invite your family and friends over to enjoy the space with you, or ask for some help during the decorating process. Having someone with you while you make your new space home will help you associate positive memories with it from the beginning. 

If you have moved into a retirement community, try getting to know your neighbors by inviting them to your home or joining them for an activity. Feeling comfortable in this new environment goes further than just decorations, it is also important to make connections with those you are living close to. 

Bio: Jenn Walker is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beach goer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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