Unified Formula for Success: How to Sustain Health, Happiness, Wealth, & Social Harmony

The search for a unified field theory is well underway in the world of physics— but what about a unified formula for success in our personal lives? 

In addition to the depletion of environmental resources and decreasing health of our home planet, the overall physical and mental wellness, wealth distribution, and social harmony of humanity as a whole are falling into a detrimental state. In order for our species to get back on its feet and head towards collective health and happiness, sustainable systems must be sought, planted, and fostered in all of these areas. 

Emulating the Environment

Eliciting Widespread Wealth and Wellness Throughout the World

The most obvious tried-and-true blueprint for thriving is often disregarded and even damaged by our daily actions. The most sustainable system we are yet to see starts from the roots up— Mother Nature herself. To catalyze a shift towards a thriving world with widespread wellness and wealth, we must first implement sustainable practices in the parts of our personal lives that are falling short of success.

Sowing the Seeds of Success 

When seeking to improve your health, happiness, finances, or relationships… Why not follow patterns that have already been proven to work? 

Ancient civilizations and historical revolutionaries saw this as no secret, studying the Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, flower of life, vector equilibrium, and more mathematical patterns repeatedly found in nature and proceeding to emulate them in temples, formulas, artistic masterpieces, and more. 

To start cultivating sustainable success in your personal life, though, you don’t need a calculator and paintbrush — Simply look outside and open your eyes to the practices of nature. We humans seem to have forgotten the obvious… that we are a natural feature of this planet. 

To start flourishing in your native habitat, sow your seeds of success today:

  1. Start by setting an intention — This will be your seed.

  1. Find an overall framework for its care — Emulate larger sustainable systems

  1. Tend to it with care — Creatively utilize your resources to provide sustenance

  1. Stay adaptable in your approach — Pay careful attention to how this particular aspect of your life is responding at every step

  1. Sustain successful cultivation of growth — Naturally pass on the fortune to your fellow humans through symbiosis 

Harnessing the Potential of Nature’s Patterns in Your Personal Life

Harness the power of nature’s patterns — Follow this outline and create your own formula for success!

To help you implement these intrinsic natural laws in your personal life, ideas have been included with the first 3 principles:

  • Give & Take Equally

Ecosystems are in a constant state of exchanging energy — This give-and-take is what keeps a system evolving, whole, and sustainable.

  • Physical: A more obvious form of this strategy is maintaining a balance between energy expenditure (exercise) and energy input (calories). This goes for nutrients as well. You can’t expect your body to build strength, sculpting to your ideal, if you are not providing it with the building blocks to do so.

Need assistance in harmonizing your habits with your fitness goals? Ask a fitness and nutrition coach!

  • Mental: By balancing the expectations you have of your brain with the stimulus you supply it with, you can achieve sustainable mental health. Substance abuse and sleep deprivation detrimentally tip this scale, stealing away resources from the brain and body that had been stored for future use, resulting in a chemical deficit. 

Need help breaking bad habits? Synergize your mental state with supplements that support sleep, sobriety, and serenity! 

  • Financial: While frugality is smart, greed is another story… Hoarding wealth to maintain a sense of security often results in the opposite, emitting social cues that you’re closed off to collaboration with your surrounding community. Should you search for help or new opportunities, your circle will likely be more open-armed if you have been generous in the past. 

Could your company use more collaborative systems to sustain a steady cash flow? Utilize these software solutions!

  • Social: If you solely harness your social resources for personal benefit and profit, it breeds imbalance and manipulation. On the other hand, offering support in return builds connection and trust. This is especially crucial in romantic relationships, where a harmonious foundation brings forth a more fulfilling family home.

  • Focus On What You Want

Unless danger is present, eliciting a vital fight-or-flight response, animals focus on attaining what they need — They don’t worry about what the future might bring and instead channel their attention to gathering resources. Even plants lean in the direction of the sun!

  • Physical: When it comes to your physical health, focusing on what you want will prevent energy from being wasted on fruitless tasks, allowing you to make the most of its faculties. Stressing about areas of weakness and dis-ease will only elevate your cortisol levels and make these harder to overcome. So, fitness and healing goals should be centered around what you want to increase…as opposed to decrease. 

  • Mental: Psychologists’ opinions differ vastly on many topics… They all seem to agree on one thing, though. Conscious thoughts seep into the subconscious mind in positive terms, meaning that it won’t recognize “don’t” or “not” when determining your values. Focusing on what you desire, instead of what you’d prefer to avoid, sets an unconscious foundation for actions that will help you attain it.

  • Financial: If the general population put their money towards things that represent what they want to see in the world, we would experience a significantly more sustainable existence. A prevalent feeling of futility about fixing our systems has led to a lethargic consumer mindset. Even as a singular entity, when you take the time to seek out and support companies and causes you believe in, you create a ripple effect on the economy.

  • Social: Self-consciousness arises from swimming in a constant state of “caring what others think” and worrying about perceived weaknesses. The simple act of shifting your focus away from your flaws and toward what is in front of you will free up energy to execute any task at hand skillfully…whether it be socializing, public speaking, or interacting with customers.

  • Don’t Rush or Force

Mother Nature takes her time, allotting every moment the same amount of purpose — She doesn’t rush, for she has nowhere to be except here, participating in the dance of life.

  • Physical: When you’re in a hurry or trying to force your way, things can get broken. This is something we all have experienced, sometimes in permanent and painful ways. During a workout, taking your time will help to prevent injury and improve your form…yielding better long-term results. While eating, it cultivates better digestion and increased satisfaction.

  • Mental: Healing from old wounds and creating new neural pathways is essential in reaching heightened states of happiness and peace. While determination and discipline are key in these endeavors, the brain needs time to process new information in order to integrate it properly…and ultimately undergo a paradigm shift.

  • Financial: While you surely have some control over the state of your wallet, rushing to reach an end goal for your company or other finances is likely to result in missed opportunities and inefficient strategies. Profit comes through not only planning but following the flow of the market and inspecting the fruits of your labor at every corner.

  • Social: When a communal decision is being made, a pushy approach to attaining something you desire can evoke resistance. A more promising way to go about this is to make a concise suggestion in a relaxed manner. An easy-going attitude will benefit both your agenda and your ego, ensuring you don’t put anyone on guard and that you will be content with the outcome either way.

  • Follow Your Instincts

Flora and fauna don’t second-guess what they are doing — They trust their subconscious intelligence to determine which direction

they should channel their focus and energy. 

  • Conserve Energy

The natural world is always striving to work smarter and not harder — This strategy seems to have successfully worked for millennia, cultivating some of our finest wonders, both natural and man-made.

  • Be What You Are

Earth’s non-human organisms may sometimes imitate one another to survive, but they never try to work against their own nature — Instead, they flow with the river of their own evolution.

  • Adapt to Thrive

The longevity of a species depends on its ability to survive in a changing environment— The more it can adapt, the more it will thrive through any weather.

Once you start thriving through personalized application of nature’s practices, you will spread authentic positivity and serve as an example to others. 

Your journey towards sustainable health, happiness, finances, and social collaboration starts here — Sow your seeds to success so your personal and collective ecosystems can not just survive, but thrive.

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