Summer Fun for Single Parents

Everyone loves to have some fun, especially during summer. However, when the sole responsibility of parenting lies on you, it can be pretty daunting to designate some extra time for fun. Your main agenda in life often becomes taking care of your kids without taking care of yourself, especially if you recently separated from your partner. That is why Philadelphia divorce lawyers advocate that single parents find time for themselves to help with the stress.

Ultimately, the stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health, which is unhealthy for your kids’ upbringing. For these reasons, you must decide to be a bit selfish and set time for self-care. Here are fun things to do:

  1. Go to The Spa

Every super mom or super dad deserves that extra spa rejuvenation that the spa carries in it. This summer, set aside a few dollars and treat yourself to the spa treatment you have always wanted. Spa treatments boost blood flow, improving the flow of nutrients and oxygen in the body and enhancing your mood exponentially. You can enjoy a nice massage, steam treatment, pedicure, manicure, and facial scrub. 

Alternatively, you can also enjoy an indoor spa. Set the mood in your bathroom by candle-lighting the room and set some soothing music. Get an essential oil like lavender with the perfect scent and infuse several drops of it in the bathtub. Put on a face mask and soak yourself in your homemade spa for around one hour to achieve the desired calming effects.

  1. Go For a Picnic

Which other time is there to enjoy the outdoors besides the summer? You can decide to go for a picnic in your local park or nearby beach as you enjoy the sandcastles. Besides, picnics are not hard to plan since all you need is a simple menu of foods or snacks, a good location, good weather, and entertainment. 

You can bring along your kids as they also enjoy playing outdoors and engaging in other activities. While at it, do not forget to use sunscreen and wear the right apparel to avoid the damaging effects of the scorching sun. With your kids around, a simple first aid kit with all the essentials would be an ideal item to carry in case it is needed.

  1. Squeeze In a Fitness Routine

Waking up early can be a nightmare for most people. Moreover, when you have kids, the early mornings over weekdays are taken over preparing your kids for school and work. Midday can get extremely hot in the summer, making outdoor physical activity uncomfortable. However, you can take advantage of the sunsets and take a walk, go biking, jog or swim. You can again involve your kids in some of those evening activities if they are willing to as you bond. 30-45 minutes each day is enough.

  1. Go Camping

Camping is one of the low-cost outdoor ventures you can engage in and have all the fun you need. You can plan one of these getaways with fellow single parents and fill it with other fun-filled activities. Choose a location that can hold pool parties, rock climbing, fishing, swimming, survival skills, play games or do nothing! In those summer camps, you can rest as much as you want and share your concerns with your friends. 

  1. Travel

After all the hard work, you deserve a vacation to the recharge. The choice is yours as to whether you will do a solo or group trip. However, making a group trip will be more fun if you travel far, and you can also get great travel discounts. You will also enjoy yourself more if you explore parks, the beach, culture, and food with a group of people. 

Furthermore, you do not have to undergo all the stress in organizing the trip since many professional travel agents can help you with that. If you are not going too far, you can tag your kids if you carpool with the cars you have hired. 

  1. Go To the Movies

How many instances have you dozed off while watching a movie at home? Just as you would prefer to travel to a new place to get a unique experience, it makes sense to watch a film in a cinema. 

Check the nearby cinema website to see their rates and the listed movies to determine if they match what you want. Besides, theaters have kid-friendly films you can enjoy with your kids as you sit back and enjoy your packet of popcorn. Watching a movie from the cinema on a 3D screen has a more fulfilling and exciting wave than sitting back at home. You are unlikely to get bored or doze off while at it.

  1. Plant A Garden

You do not have to be a pro at this since the whole idea is to get you to interact with nature. You also do not need a big space in your backyard to do this. Besides, if you choose a weekend, you and your kids can enjoy being outside as you get your hands dirty and bond. They might also have a thing or two to learn from it. For beginners, opt for simple vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, lettuce, etc. However, if vegetables are not your choice, you can liven your yard with flowers, and do not forget to remove the weeds and water them regularly. 

There you go! Do not let this summer end without you enjoying it to the fullest. Do not deny yourself that self-care break. Besides, when you do so, you become a better parent to your children as you also instill the culture of self-care in them. 

About the Author

Jenn Walker is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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