Do You Know Your Rights? Here’s What You’re Entitled To When Accused Wrongly

One of the worst things to happen to common citizens is getting framed for acts they did not commit. This can happen for several reasons ranging from a misunderstanding or fraud to a full-scale sabotage mission. While you’re being informed of the situation, make sure that you gather as much information about the accusations and charges against you so that you can use your rights as necessary. While you’re trying to understand the situation, this article will help you with all the factual help you need.

What Can You Do When You’re Wrongfully Accused?

  1. Stay calm and collected: Panicking in the face of such adversity may be a knee-jerk response, but staying calm will help you gather your thoughts quickly. If you’re confident that you have done nothing wrong and are being framed or wrongly accused, there is nothing to worry about. Also, make sure that you do not get defensive as it can raise red flags. 

  2. Ask if you’re being arrested: This is perhaps the second-most essential aspect of the process since being arrested takes the entire situation in a different direction. If you’re not being arrested, you as a citizen have the option to leave the premises or refuse to question. However, you need to ask the law enforcement officers or the legal representative of the other party regarding this.

  3. Get in touch with your lawyer immediately: One of the most common wrongful accusations is that of sex crimes and stalking. If you’re in such a situation, contact a sex crimes attorney today without any hesitation. The time saved by bringing in an expert who is seasoned in exclusively handling such cases will pay off in the long run. Also, they can protect your reputation by suggesting the best path to remedy this situation, be it a negotiation, settlement, or dropping of charges.

The Rights of Every US Citizen

Every citizen of the country is entitled to four distinct rights bestowed upon us by the Constitution. These rights have to be honored as long as you’re on US soil or where the proceedings taking place are as per the US legal system. If you're not sure what to do after being arrested, here are your rights:

  1. Right to remain silent: When brought for questioning by law enforcement, you have the right to silence and not divulge any information. Also, it is important that you’re aware if you say anything, as it can be used against you in a court of law. Under wrongful accusation cases, it’s best to state your right to silence and let your lawyer do the work.

  2. Right to be appointed an attorney: Every citizen has the right to be legally represented by an attorney. You can ask for your attorney to be contacted if you have one. If you cannot afford one, the State will appoint an attorney for you.

  3. Right to be granted privacy: You have the right to privacy against unwarranted questioning and searches. The 5th Amendment of the Constitution requires law enforcement to have a warrant to search your premises or your body.

  4. Right to leave (if not under arrest): As per the 4th Amendment, if you’re not arrested, you cannot be detained. Simply ask to leave and the officers will have to let you go home. However, avoid travelling to another state at this time.

What to do after the charges are cleared

As a citizen that was wrongly accused of a crime, you have several legal courses of action as your options. For starters, if the charges were filed by a third party or organization, you can sue them for damages. This is pivotal action, especially in cases where the loss of employment, student enrolment or scholarship took place. You will also be entitled to sue for the loss of reputation and any losses that your business incurred as a result of such an accusation. The court of law will ensure that you are brought to justice, but the lawyers of the said party can come to an agreement with your team in order to furnish an appropriate compensation.

Wrapping Up:

Of all the things that could happen to a person in their lifetime, being put under the legal spotlight for something they didn’t do is one of the most unfavorable experiences. When faced with such an event, not only does the individual lose their morale, but they also lose confidence and may give up before the battle begins. We hope that if you or a loved one is under scrutiny as per such circumstances, the information provided above can help you overcome it. We wish you a victorious outcome.

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