6 Ways for New Moms to Reduce Back Pain

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a series of physical changes, ranging from enlarged breasts, expanding belly, enlarged uterus, etc. In addition to these typical changes, you may experience some discomfort which can come in the form of back stiffness and soreness.

While it is normal to expect the back pain you experience during pregnancy to vanish post-delivery, in reality, that is not always the case. After pregnancy, you may still experience back stiffness and soreness. And when you do, how do you manage it? That is where this post comes in.

In this post, we have outlined some tried and tested ways to reduce back pain. However, before we begin, let's take a quick look at the causes of this back pain. When considering a good chiropractor Yuba City, you will want to make sure that they know what they are doing for your longterm health.

Causes of Postpartum Back Pain?

Back pain in pregnancy is usually associated with weight gain, posture, hormone changes, muscle separation, and stress. They are also responsible for the back pain you feel post-pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your enlarging uterus expanded and weakened your abdominal muscles and changed your posture, which subjects your back to strains. Additional weight during (and after) pregnancy tends to work your muscles and increase stress on your joints. 

Hormonal changes are another factor associated with postpartum back pain. In addition to hormonal changes, working your muscles during labor and delivery can result in soreness and pain that can materialize as back pain after delivery.

1. Work on your Posture

Bad posture is one of the major causes of back pain for moms. That said, as a mom who wants to alleviate their back pain post-birth, what do you do?

Simple! Work on your posture.

You see, when it comes to back pain, posture plays a crucial role. There are several things you can do to make your posture better, such as sitting up straight, relaxing your shoulders, keeping your elbows close to your body, etc. In addition to these standard healthy postures, you may want to consider postpartum recovery garments. This garment can help you keep your hips, lower back, and midsection balanced, relieving pains in such areas. Alternatively, you can consider leveraging pillows as support when sitting. It can come in handy when feeding your baby. 

2. Know how to Lift Heavy Things

During pregnancy, you wouldn't want to engage in certain tasks that involve lifting heavy things in the home or office. However, after delivery, you may want to resume your role as the mother in the home. And sure, when such happens, you may have to lift certain heavy things.

Lifting heavy things the wrong way can worsen your postpartum back pain while doing the opposite can make it easier to handle. Mothers who know how to squat have no issue here, as squatting to pick up things can reduce and not exacerbate back pain. 

However, if you must squat to pick up things, always ensure that your back is straight. Next, when grabbing an item squatting, make sure you hold it below your shoulders as you gradually stand up. Many mothers use their back muscles when lifting heavy things. It is a bad habit. You ought to use your leg muscles.

3. Massage your Back With the Right Products

Massage can help ease back pain. It has been proven to help not only new mothers but expectant mothers as well. In addition to relieving postpartum back pain, massage also alleviates stress. If you are looking to regulate your hormones, sleep well, or boost your breastfeeding, you should try massaging.

For massage to be effective—especially when it comes to relieving stress and pain—it’s important you use the right products. Applying CBD muscle rub to your back can help in reducing back pain, stress, inflammation, and muscle soreness. Just apply a thin layer of the rub to affect the affected part and rub gently and thoroughly.

4. Prioritize Resting

After birth, don't try to overwork yourself in the name of keeping the home in order. Remember, your body is still recovering. So prioritize rest. Resting boasts many therapeutic benefits. It is a good way to relax and prevent back pain, sleeping disorder,  etc.

Of course, as a mother, you'll have less time to get adequate rest. But does that mean you shouldn't prioritize it? No! Resting is very important. So while your baby is asleep, ensure you relax and avoid engaging in any difficult activities.

Lying down for just a few minutes can make a difference. It can alleviate your back pain, especially if you are resting on what some believe to be the best mattress for lower back pain reddit. It also helps you recharge, which is something most new moms don't have time for.

5. Introduce Exercises in your Daily Routine

Exercising has a major role in your fight against back pain. Engaging in certain exercises as a new mom can alleviate back pain. This also applies to pregnant women. There are several exercises you can consider to make your back pain disappear. However, there are some crucial things to note regarding exercising after childbirth. One of them is starting off slowly. 

When it comes to exercising postpartum, you shouldn't overwork your body in the name of exercising. Plus, always listen to your body, and ensure you stop exercising if you feel pain. You could even consider taking extra measures for back or hip pain, including finding a provider of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Columbus, or somewhere local to you. Taking these steps with a professional has more chance of providing you with long-term relief and strategies for pain management. 

6. Select the Perfect Sitting Furniture

In addition to prioritizing rest and exercises, you may want to consider investing in good furniture. As a mother, the chances of sitting down for long periods are high. Whether you are sitting to feed your baby or soothe him to sleep, you'll need a good chair to act as the ideal support for your back. And that is why you need to invest in a quality chair for your comfort.

Whatever chair you decide to buy, ensure it is soft. You can also add pillows to boost their comfort and softness. As a new mom, you can make yourself more comfortable when sitting by placing your feet on a footstool.

How long will my postpartum back pain last?

Postpartum pain is real and very common. But how long does it last? How long will your postpartum back pain stay with you? Postpartum back pain can last for weeks or months post-delivery. It takes time for your back to heal. So, don’t overdo things as you may hurt yourself in the process. Instead, exercise patience.


Though not life-threatening, living with postpartum pain can impact your quality of life. It can also affect how you cater to your newborn. So rather than manage the pain and expect it to vanish all by itself, you should take necessary measures to alleviate it. However, consider seeing a doctor if your back pain is serious, persistent, or getting progressively worse.

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