Toddlers Love Lugz Winter Boots

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Lugz, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for winter boots for your toddler?

I have been needing to get my two year old daughter some winter boots, especially since this year it's been a lot colder so far and more snow than usual. She loves her new toddler empire hi fur 6 inch boot, from Lugz. I got them in a toddler size 6 since she just outgrew size 5, and they fit perfectly on her. 

This is the only footwear that she doesn't try to take off, which is great because she takes shoes off as soon as you get them on her some days, especially in the car to get places she takes them off within minutes. Kinda funny, kinda not. 

These boots are the wheat color and are just $69.99 to buy on the Lugz website! Well worth every penny. She's worn them regularly since we got them in the mail and they are excellent quality and have had no issues so far. They are well made and good in cold/bitter temperatures, not just snow and ice. 

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