St Patrick's Day Drinks at Applebee's are Delicious

When it comes to the $5 mucho sips drinks at Applebee's, my sister in law and I have it covered! We enjoy going as often as we can to try out the different flavors for holidays when they have frozen drinks available.

When it comes to different holidays ever since Halloween, I google to see what drinks Applebees is offering for $5 mucho sips, and my sister in law and I go enjoy some when we can. 

This time, we knew that starting Feb 22 until mid March, they have the St Patrick's Day drinks available and omg they're SO good!!! I love the colada one but the green one isn't bad at all  either, it just isn't very sweet. The green one we asked about getting it blended into frozen vs liquid drink.

The flavors for St Patrick's Day are called Saintly Sips and are flavored as below:

- Tipsy Leprochaun which is the green one and is made with Jameson Irish Whiskey. I give it a 7/10 just because it didn't have a sweet taste to it in my opinion but I liked it just fine.

- Pot O' Gold Colada which is a frozen pina colada made with Captain Morgan and Mango. It's SO good! I give it a 10/10 for flavor and deliciousness!

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