Things You Can Do During Staycation Time

There are many considerations for having a vacation during the pandemic time. You need to be more careful in the name of your health and also your family or beloved one. However, sometimes, we might feel overwhelmed with the situation and need to refresh our minds and bodies to stay sane. Therefore, a staycation could be an option for vacation without spending much money and effort. When you are looking for spas new zealand, make sure you find the best ones!

Staycation is a type of short vacation without the need for outdoor activities. Hotels in Singapore have various facilities that support your staycation which you can find the hotels on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp based on your needs.. There are so many activities at the hotel that you can do during your staycation. Here are some of the activities you can do:

Swimming One of the activities you can do during your staycation is swimming. You can make sure the hotel you choose to stay in has swimming pool facilities. Even though swimming could become an activity you can do during your free time, it also helps health and makes you feel refreshed.

Movie marathon

A movie marathon with a new atmosphere in the hotel where you stay can be an option. Moreover, the hotel you choose has Wi-Fi and cable tv facilities so that the TV shows you will watch can have various options.

Playing games with beloved one

Feeling tired from doing activities outside the room? You can also spend time playing games in your room. This can be used as valuable quality time to do with loved ones. Games that you can play are ludo, cards, or guessing picture games.


To relax your body and mind more optimally, you can choose a hotel that has spa facilities so you can pamper your body with various treatments in a supportive atmosphere. Enjoy your time during your staycation with the spa facilities offered by the hotel.

Romantic dinner

Besides pampering yourself during the staycation, you can also give a little surprise to your beloved one to make your intimacy closer. You can try a different experience by choosing a romantic dinner. You can request a romantic dinner to the officer who will be happy to help prepare it.

Besides some activities above you can do during your staycation time, a staycation could also positively impact your body and mind, which most people rarely realize. Here are some benefits of a staycation instead of vacation:

Relaxing body and mind

Staycation vacations are the same as other types of holidays. However, what makes it different is, staycation was only in local hotels or places. You can still calm your mind and give your body rest after a busy work schedule or other routine activities.

Staycation is done to restore productivity without adding to the burden on your mind. This can also be uplifting so that when you return to your routine activities, you can be more productive and allow you to improve your quality.

Cost less money

Of course, doing a staycation at a hotel saves a lot of expenses. You can have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation without the need to spend on daily transportation, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, and shopping.

When you are on vacation with many outside activities, you are likely to spend money on shopping. However, these expenses can be minimized when you choose a holiday with a staycation at a hotel.

Not far from home

You don’t have to buy plane tickets and anything else when doing a staycation since it's only in your own city. Because a staycation can be done in the area around the house without reducing the meaning of a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Don't bother making plans

This is a complicated consideration. Planning a vacation is something you must prepare for when you go on vacation. But if you choose a staycation, then making vacation plans is no longer the main and important thing. Because all activities are carried out at the hotel where you are staying, the time is more flexible to arrange yourself.

In fact, vacations abroad take quite a long time on the trip. Not everyone has a lot of time for a vacation, but you can still vacation without needing to take a long time with a staycation. Even for those who are still being chased by work, you can take the job to the hotel where you are staying for your staycation.

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