6 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Ever looked back at the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year and realized you did not actually follow any of them? In the previous year, had you planned to start exercising, start saving, build a home, reconnect with family and friends, etc., and, for some reason or other, didn’t? 

A New Year’s Resolution is a promise to yourself that you will try to get better, but sometimes life gets in the way. Every new year is a new start!  You still have the chance to work on these resolutions with a positive mind if you want to. Age does not have to be limitation to achieving your goals. Even seniors who freely live in their homes or under Independent senior living care can make a promise at the beginning of each year. Here are some resolutions you can work on this year:

  1. Get Your Home in Order

For any seniors, falling hazards are a common concern. This new year, take the time to clean up and throw out the unnecessary junk in your home. They also will help rearrange your home if it needs a new layout to give that open outlook. 

As you coordinate this clean-out, use this time to organize essential documents, like your medical and legal records, for easy accessibility. You can also take this opportunity to do some necessary home renovations to curb falls and create a safer living environment. A less-cluttered home gives you the chance to enjoy a beautiful and fresh home environment with fewer chances of accidents. 

  1. Protect Your Assets and Important Documents

Once age starts setting in, concerns about seniors who have dementia begin to rise. In most cases, it's detected late, which makes it even harder to treat once it's advanced. First, call in your lawyer and document or have them record you as you state your wishes. Have a trusted person or loved one on hand to witness the proceedings. 

Seniors are also more susceptible to losing their money to scammers, especially if they live and do their daily activities independently. Reduce the vulnerability to scammers by first automating payments and entrusting a contact to help you with your account. However, the trustee should not be allowed to do any transactions without your approval. 

Talk to your bank to see if you can sign up for services that will help you keep track of any malicious activity on your credit cards, bank accounts, and investments. That way, you will have secured your belongings. 

  1. Do Something You’re Passionate About

Stop postponing doing what you are naturally good at and get the ball rolling. It could be knitting, gardening, volunteering, starting mentorship programs, writing, etc. Get all the necessary resources to help you kickstart your passion. It can be hard to begin, but once you look back at your growth by the end of the year, you will be glad you started. 

Alternatively, get out of your comfort zone and try doing something new that; could be enrolling for a new course, traveling, reading, painting, playing mentally challenging games, etc. Anything that will keep your brain active. 

  1. Take Care of Your Health 

Good health covers an overhaul of many things, ranging from body wellness to mental health. For your mental health, if things have been stressing or tormenting you for a long time, talk to a therapist or confidant about them for the healing process to commence. 

To take care of your body wellness, start letting go of unhealthy foods and dive into healthy eating. Talk to a dietician to best advise you, or if you have a professional caregiver, they could also guide you on the best foods to take. Healthy living also involves getting rid of bad habits which could weaken your immunity, like excessive smoking and drinking. Don’t also forget to give your body the hydration it needs. 

Lastly, look for an exercise routine to keep your body active. Again, consult your physician about this to advise you on the recommended exercises based on your abilities. Familiarize yourself with the simple technologies which will help you track your health at the comfort of your home.

  1. Make Time for Social Interactions

Holding conversations is essential for your general well-being. Laughing and sharing memories will leave you in a much better place, and it will undoubtedly reduce the chances of loneliness and depression. Make time from your schedule to reconnect with old friends and relatives on social media, making phone calls and visiting them once in a while. 

You can also organize a simple tea party with snacks in your home to enhance the bonding session. You can sign up in social groups that have activities that interest you to increase your social network and keep you outdoors once in a while.

  1. Arrange Your Future Living Arrangements

In our busy schedules in our youthful years, we often overlooked the need to arrange our living options once we got older. However, you must begin looking for the best options to ensure the care you need even as you live independently in old age. You can move into a 55+ community like Starhaven Villas, or have a professional caregiver in your home to give much-needed assistance if needed. So, before the year ends, please have this figured out. Will you? 

Any month is perfect for making the changes you wish to improve your life. Whichever new year resolution you choose, work towards achieving it to the best of your ability. And even if you’re already late on making your new year's resolutions, don’t feel left out.

About the Author

Roni Davis is a writer, blogger, and legal assistant operating out of the greater Philadelphia area. She works with many lifestyle and legal clients looking to help seniors living independently.

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