Common Problems New Mothers Have To Face After Birth

Giving birth is a joy and bliss that people get to experience in their lives. It's the start of a whole new chapter in your life. The preparation for the baby’s arrival starts from the time the pregnancy is announced. There are a lot of things to do from choosing the right clothes for the baby to the right crib and setting the nursery. You can not always be completely ready for the baby’s arrival. New mothers are often fed with so many things that they will have to do and face once the baby arrives. There are people who guide you, your doctor makes sure you are ready for the baby’s arrival, not to mention the blogs that are present online provide adequate and correct information about what to expect after the baby comes.

Thinking about the baby you sketch mind maps of how you are going to take care of them, their tiny hands and little feet. Caress their skin and brush the hair on their head. Motherhood is not always rainbows and sunshine there are trails that you have to face that no one tells you about. There are parts of motherhood and being a new mother that everyone experiences separately and differently. While some women might have a smooth breastfeeding experience others have problems. These problems have solutions to them but it takes a lot of time and patience to understand and acknowledge what is happening. 

What Problems Do New Mothers Face?

After a few smooth days and a couple of rough sleepless nights, you get a hold on what is actually happening and how you have to navigate your way through mother. When you know that there is a baby that is completely dependent on you, you automatically become cautious and careful of their needs. Becoming more vigilant will make your process smoother. Some of the problems that new moms face are: 

  • Breastfeeding: Nothing beats breastfeeding in the line of newly added problems. 

  • Anxiety: Worrying and having fear in your heart about the baby 

  • Postpartum depression 

  • A roller coaster of emotions: from being happy about the arrival of the baby, not getting enough sleep, periods, backache, fatigue, lack of energy, breastfeeding, pumping, weight loss 

All of these problems accumulate sometimes and women tend to break down but that is not wrong as all humans are free to feel the way they feel and it is completely normal with postpartum depression. The problem that tops the list is breastfeeding which has several branches further that you need to be aware of. 

Problems With Breastfeeding 

You might think that breastfeeding itself is a blessing but as far as blessings are concerned there are some problems linked to it as well. While many mothers are already aware of them, there are still some mothers out there who have no idea what is going on with them. It is important to throw light on these problems. Some of the common problems with breastfeeding are: 

  • Not producing enough milk: It is not necessary that you will produce the right amount of milk. One of the concerns that you might have is that the baby might not be getting enough milk which is a valid concern. 

  • Sore nipples: There are multiple reasons why sore nipples occur. If you are not placing your baby right or they are not attached correctly then this can lead to your nipples being sore. 

  • Blocked milk duct: One of the very common problems is a blocked milk duct which should be taken care of as soon as it happens otherwise doctors suggest going on antibiotics. You can identify it as a small lump in your breast. 

Some of these complaints only last for a couple of days while others can continue for longer periods. In that case, you can consult your obgyn for a more professional consultation.  

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