Playing a Good Game of Solitaire Online

 What games online do you enjoy playing in your spare time?

When it comes to online games, I love the game of Solitaire. There is a website you can play Solitaire games on and there are so many different games as well, such as puzzle games, word games, mahjong games, and much more!! 

I have always enjoyed the game of mahjong personally as a teenager a long time ago. It's a lot of fun and makes you use your head while playing to see if you know where the cards are! I like solitaire and always have as a game, as well as an online game.

I love teaching my older kids how to play games, especially ones that I know that they will have fun playing too, and solitaire is one in particular that one of them especially likes. They don't have the luxury of the handheld game of solitaire like I had as a teen, which I don't even know where I'd find one anymore. 

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