It's Fall with Reima for Coat Season

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Reima, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for a nice and warm coat, gloves, and hat for cold weather?

My oldest son needed a new coat this year, so when I found out I'd be working with Reima, I decided to get one that will work for him. The coat is a little snug on him, but it's the biggest one that they had sizing wise, so his sister will use it once he out grows it probably. 

I went with the black color for the coat, since it goes with pretty much any pants/jeans and boots. It's very well made and will keep him warm this winter for sure. We have pretty cold winters with a decent amount of snow a lot of years, so a good warm coat was very needed.

He also got some good and warm winter gloves from Reima when they sent the coat and hat, and he likes the gloves. They are nice and warm which will be good for our cold winter months, and of course snow. These should fit him I hope this year and possibly next year too.

He has gotten compliments by several people about his hat so far, so I think he likes it, especially with the coat. It goes well with it to keep him extra warm. So far, we have had two snows and one that is still around currently, so these are much needed. These pictures were done when we first got the products. 

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